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Immortal298 | 23:42 Thu 08th Sep 2005 | Food & Drink
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is scampi really made with prawns?  i always thought i didnt like prawns, but i like scampi.  then i heard on tv yesterday that scampi is made of prawns.


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They are prawns but not like the little ones you get in cocktails or tiger ones at the local chinese. More like a baby lobster called Scampo. I am not a biologist or marine nerd but think I am right.


Very nice with tartare sauce. yum yum

Far be it from me to argue,but I thought scampo was simply the singular form of scampi!Really good scampi is made with prawns,the sizes vary from restaurant.Unfortunately much of the cheaper versions,especially the frozen varieties, are often not made of fresh prawns but rather reformed nonsense,sort of like a prawn version of chicken nuggets or turkey twizzlers etc.

BUNNY - scampo IS the singular of scampi - had it in a quiz once and have never forgotten it!

Although we English do call the singular of scampi, scampo, the word comes from the Italian for small lobster.

With apologies I had to do a google search to confirm this.

I think I read somewhere once that scampi was the tail of a langoustine!
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what in gods name is a langoustine?

scampi is made from monk fish tails

Scampi is the plural of scampo, Italian name for the Norway lobster Nephrops norvegicus also known by the names "Dublin Bay Prawn" and "Langoustine". The fleshy tail of the scampi is good eating, closer in both taste and texture to lobster and crayfish than prawn or shrimp. In the United Kingdom, the term scampi is often used to describe a dish of shelled tail meat, coated in breadcrumbs or batter, deep fried and served with chips. In the Southern Hemisphere, other species of lobster are used instead, such as the New Zealand lobster.

In the USA, the term scampi is used as the name for a dish of shrimp served in Garlic butter.

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