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kooky kitty | 07:43 Wed 24th Aug 2005 | Food & Drink
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Does anyone know why fishmongers dont sell goldfish? I love fish and have tried everything from cod to shark,  I would love to try goldfish, but cant find anywhere that sells it, surely someone somewhere must eat it as ever other fish you can think of if freely available.


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Its carp. I understand that it isn't particularly tasty but is okay stuffed
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thank you woofgang, I've didnt realise goldfish was carp, which I have tried. 
ive tried goldfish.  not cooked, in fact not dead.  wiggles all the way down.  i was extremely drunk at the time.  and it was a dare.  you understand.
oh immortal you'll never go to heaven lol,
try your local fun fair - they usually sell them....although you have to gut them yourself.

It's actually a Koi carp, so expect to pay a hundred pounds for one big enough to eat!!!

I've eaten a golden carp. It was disgusting. I've never spent so long picking bones out of my teeth. I don't actually think this type of fish actually has ANY flesh at all.................................

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