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The Final - Great British Bake Off

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AB Editor | 11:47 Tue 22nd Oct 2013 | Food & Drink
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Well, here we are at the final. And are we surprised at who is still in?

The papers are rife with rumours and hints this morning, so who will it be?

Ruby - the youngster but still unarguably talented

Kimberly - steadily high consistancy and not afraid to flavour

Frances - possibly the most creative baker ever in the series, but seemingly trouble with her "substance"

Let us know what you think.

GBBO - The Final

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Who will be the winner of the Great British Bake-Off?

  • Kimberly - 18 votes
  • 45%
  • Ruby - 13 votes
  • 33%
  • Frances - 9 votes
  • 23%

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Love the pun, Boo. When the result was announced, my reaction was, "Never!!!" I thought Kimberley deserved it as she had been consistently good throughout.
Question Author
I was wrong!
a lot of eyelash fluttering and wee smiles from ruby !
I was absolutely delighted as I had backed Frances from early on. I agree that her flavours were sometimes lacking, but her creativity was amazing. I think that overall Kimberly was the most consistent and technically was superb, I have to admit I was expecting Kimberly to be the winner and would have been happy with that result as well.
I am glad that Ruby did not win, but I do think that she is super talented and very much deserved to get into the final, people seemed to want to forget that this is supposed to be a baking competition but she was being judged for self deprecation and crying! Annoying I agree, but not something to want to get someone who is very talented out of the competition. There was also newspaper reports that Paul Hollywood fancied her, how convenient for the papers that his marriage broke down, leaving him fair game for those suggestions!
at the end of things, if i were to buy a book (which i won't) i would rather buy one that Kimberly "wrote" than Frances. In our house, we don't want/need food to look good, we want it to taste nice
Bednobs, a collaboration would be nice, Kimberley's recipes with Frances presentation :)
I haven't watched any of it or read this thread but was drawn in to watch the last 30 mins for the wedding cake bit. How on earth could someone that produced such an amateurish and shoddy pile as Ruby's cake get so far in this competition? In fact if I was a bride I'd have been gutted at the looks of all the wedding cakes.

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The Final - Great British Bake Off

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