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Vive La France - Great British Bake Off

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AB Editor | 11:03 Tue 15th Oct 2013 | Food & Drink
26 Answers
The semi-final is suddenly upon us. I don't know about you but it seems to have come around quickly.

Only Becca, Frances, Kimberly and Ruby left. Who do you think will crumble under the pressure of this week's challenge? (Do you see what I did there)

It is French week and the bakers will have to perfect pastry, the perfect Swiss Roll and a Charlotte Royal.

It is making me hungry :-)


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i think it will be frances who goes, possibly becca
(Do you see what I did there) - yes indeed.

You sort of missed the Vive La Frances pun though ...
I agree Fluff, though Ruby is getting on my wick so if she goes all will be good.
I'd like to see Kimberly and Ruby get to the final. I find Becca a bit annoying.
Question Author
Ahh sunny dave you are right, I thought it might be a bit too obscure :-)

Not sure who I think will go out, Becca was very close last week and franky I was surprised that Christine went out I thought she'd done better overall.

But then I am nether Paul Holywood nor Mary Berry

think Ruby will clinch it. She can clinch me - anytime!
I agree with fluffy but off there's any justice it'll be both of them
Out if curiosity, what's the prize?
I can never hit the bloody o when I type of on this thing.
i think its just the title "best amateur baker"

but there are the other benefits that come along with it
Ta ;)
For me I think it should be Frances but agree that Becca grates. I really want Kimberly to win but I'm guessing it will be Ruby. Ruby has the effect of making me want to smack her with a brick.
Yes, a great big one ;)
i thought she was really sweet to start with, then her constant whining started to get on my nerves. i think she will win though
Yep Fluff, I think Paul's on the pull so Ruby will definitely win.
I always get Frances and Becca mixed up, which is the Welsh one?

I'm not so sure about all the pea and cauliflower puree and beetroot, urgh.
ooooo could ruby be in trouble.........

hooe kim gets star baker

becca is welsh
Thanks :) I prefer Frances then :) Yeah, not a good round for Ruby that! Not like it was close either.

I'm a bit worried about her "just dollop and hope for the best" may be an issue with a fiddly later cake when she's up against some of the more technical ones!
Oooh... Bad tehnical for Ruby! And yes, i'm on catch up so offically not reading answers above mine! ;-)
Kimberley to win IMO.

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Vive La France - Great British Bake Off

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