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Oreo dairy milk!

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Mooria | 21:46 Thu 15th Nov 2012 | Food & Drink
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Firstly Oreo and dairy milk! OMG! What an amazing combination!
But after I had eaten a bar I noticed on the back that it was not suitable for vegetarians. - but I couldn't see anything that could contain meat derivatives. I also don't recall seeing it on a cadburys chocolate before! Any ideas? TIAx


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Maybe it was fat of some kind they used ?
Oreo dairy milk?!!! I have to find them!

Anyway.... Would it be a gelatin type of ingredient maybe?
I can't see what's antiveggie
That is bang out of order Boxy : (
The listed ingredients don't give a clue to the reason for them being unsuitable for vegetarians.

Interesting answers here:-

come back with all that chocolate. : )
As far as I understand it, milk is derived directly from the cow.
I have to sell this at work when i am on the till as it is one of our £1 promo lines, it's a large bar, not been tempted yet
Oreos are horrible, why ruin a perfectly good bar of chocolate by sticking bits of horrible biscuit in it?
I definitely won't be trying it.
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Yes Plautus milk is from a cow! Well done. However the bar says not suitable for vegetarians - who drink milk! Not vegans - who don't drink milk!
Question Author
Found out the answer! It's uses a whey that is derived from rennet! Good job I'm not a veggie! Cause I love Oreos!
Not all vegetarians drink cows milk....they will have soya,rice, or almond milks instead.
basically it contains whey powder. there are two versions the cheap and more expensive. the mroe expensive naturally would be the vegetarian version which is made from plants. the second is the version made with pig renee which therefore makes in not suitable for vegetarians. Mikyy
Lol @ Plautus.

My kids absolutely love it.
Oreos are truly vile, as daffy says. Although it's mainly the yucky white stuff in the middle that makes them so sickly, so maybe Dairy Milk chocolate might redeem them. I'd still rather have a chocolate hobnob, tho
They are SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIAN AND VEGANS NOW :)!!!! Oreo emailed me back saying 'Thanks for your responce, and blah blah blah.... then they said the new packets in supermarkets are not suitable for vegetarians!!!! YES!! even now on WIKIPEDIA IT SAYS UK Oreo cookies originally contained whey powder and so were not suitable for people who avoid milk products. As the whey powder was sourced from cheese made with calf rennet, UK Oreo cookies were also not suitable for vegetarians.[38][39] However since Spring 2013, the whey powder has been removed and UK Oreo cookies are now suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Oreo dairy milk!

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