Any advice with slimming world?

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w00h00 | 09:15 Mon 10th Sep 2012 | Food & Drink
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I am planning on starting slimming world, but I do not know too much about it, has anyone ever tried it, or can give me some help or tips, or any information about slimming world. Thanks :-)


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Why not go to the Slimming World web site?

Lots of info there.
If your are prepared to follow the plan it works. I lost 3.5st on their plan and there is plenty to eat so I rarely felt hungry. Once you get into it the plan is easy to follow. Good luck.
I agree with JimJools, once you get your head around it and follow the plan, its easy. No adding up 'points' like at weight watchers, certain food is unlimited on Slimming World and you can eat as much as you like.
I say ditto to the last comments. I have lost 3 stone over last 13 months half a stone to go to my target weight then I will be a free member if I keep the weight off . Never eaten so well either.
i have recently started weightwatchers and had excellent success, fruit and veg are unlimited, i like to count points so i know what i have had, this is my personal opinion and what suits me. Good luck in whatever you do!
I joined Slimming World a couple of months back and have been consistently losing weight ever since - and have not felt hungry once. I really would recommend it. I joined with a friend, which has really helped.

I find the group meetings are very friendly, and the consultant always does a really interesting presentation. Every few weeks we have a 'taster session' where people bring along samples of Slimming World recipes they have tried out - the food is always delicious and nobody needs to have an evening meal afterwards!

I hope it goes well for you.
Scrap diets, try a Zumba class to get into shape and keep fit at the same time.
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I would highly recommend it. I have been going for 4 months and I've almost lost 2 and 1/2 stone. Once you understand what you are doing it is really easy and you will never feel hungry.

It isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle choice and that is why it works. It's based around cooking meals from fresh and of which all the family can eat, which is brilliant as it doesn't feel like your being 'left out'.

You can still enjoy the things you like, I still eat 'bad' things in the week like chinese, chocolate and cake and still loose 2lb plus.

Give it a go :)

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Any advice with slimming world?

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