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Best Event Food?

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AB Editor | 13:38 Fri 18th Nov 2011 | Food & Drink
25 Answers

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  • Weddings - 112 votes
  • 53%
  • Birthday Parties - 37 votes
  • 17%
  • Funerals - 28 votes
  • 13%
  • Anniversaries - 27 votes
  • 13%
  • Christenings/Bar Mitzvahs (Any naming/coming of age ceremony) - 9 votes
  • 4%

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Question Author
Answers take 5 minutes to appear, usually because they're stuffing their face at the buffet.
Question Author
I have a theory which I hope is proven correct by the poll by the way.
-- answer removed --
lol....get that in before you get the usual 'my vote isn't showing' :-)
Question Author
Trigger, clearly you and I share a theory!
I went for B as well....
B: - ^^^^ wot triggs said
got to be b
Question Author
The problem is, that the results rearrange themselves for some reason, so while it was B when you voted it will be A by the time they show up :)

Dear "the future": They all voted "funeral".
Had good food at most...and bad ditto...
although i want to a naming ceremony its was in the woods and they'd strung fairy lights up in the trees and we had a hog roast, drank cider and chilled, that was pretty good
Hog roast at a 60th birthday...
Fully indian meal at a Bollywood theme civil partnership ceremony
Curious to know why you ask the question, Ed. Are you considering turning down invitations to some events, and not others? ;-)
I think weddings and so far I'm right !
No the best food is at weddings.........the most drink is at funerals.
-- answer removed --
This is a bit of an odd one. I would have thought all these "occasions" served the same kind of food. Ok, so maybe not a wedding, but deffo the rest.
The last wedding I went to was £85 a head for the sit down meal and it was so small and arty farty that afterwards I was starving and couldn't wait for the evening buffet, My step daughter is getting married next year and she wants a traditional chicken roast dinner for her wedding breakfast and you'd be surprised how few venues offer this option.
Surely the best food depends on how much you pay. Buy cheap get cheap. Doesn't matter what kind of do it is.
Question Author
"Curious to know why you ask the question, Ed. Are you considering turning down invitations to some events, and not others?"

While I quite like the idea, trying to streamline your social life by refusing to "do" christenings because the buffet is always weak.

Why did I ask? I was thinking that funerals have the best food, and always have in my experience, but I wondered if I was normal in thinking this. Apparently not!

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