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Should we encourage state assisted suicide for the elderly with payments for themselves or their families?

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Maria_M | 15:31 Tue 04th Jan 2011 | Family & Relationships
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Now bare with me because it's not as grim as it sounds. I think we as a society could all benefit from a new rule/law which gives the elderly once they turn 60 to give their life to the state and in return the state could give them a credit card where if they can go on free holidays pay no more rent, no more bills get free spa treatments, hair, nails massage basically live like a millionaire for 2 years or they could be given a lumpsum instead to give to their family if they agree right away afterwhich they come to a "Culling station" similar to the one soylent green where they can lie in a chair watch a montage of family photos, peacefull nature scenarios or their favourite film or comedy as they are put to sleep. Now this would free up many thousands of homes which could be used for the young and carehomes which could be converted into nurseries or flats, this idea would also help the nhs moneywise which in turn would mean more money for new drugs, treatments and research for the young and there would also be many jobs freed up, our roads would be much safer without elderly death/part blind or confused drivers making it a danger also amongst so many other benefits. I am 60 myself and would love to give my life for a better future for our newer younger generations. Any thoughts?


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You've been watching too much Logan's Run. This will never happen.
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Also if this works well there's no reason why we couldnt move the age to 50 or is that too young?
It was 30 in Logan's Run.
You're doing well today...................
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-- answer removed --
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I've never seen it squarebear, film or series?
It was a film where everyone who reached 30 was killed.
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No reason why you can't do this now if you're so keen on the idea Maria?

Saves the bother of your family having to put you in a care home when the time comes.
Are you sure you don't think the elderly are attention seeking?
and they enjoy the new lifestyle so much that they refuse to then give up their life? do they then get arrested and slaughtered? perhaps bring back hanging for those that wont go peacefully?

we'd save more money by stopping the benefit scroungers who are happy to live off the taxes that the elderly people paid in over their lives.
That was on TV just before Xmas SB, what a great film.
Question Author
Obviously 30 is still young but it seems that this idea has been thought out by many already, so what do you think good idea bad, would you be happy to sacrifice your life for your children and grandchildren?
I think we can all see what todays topic is!!
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Please chuckfickens and boo serious answers only please!
If all pensioners kicked their clogs aged 62, half the working mothers would have to pay for childcare.
The circus is in town today...
Errr, mine was a serious answer!

you do know that eventually you'll become a burden to either society or your family, (often both) don't you?

So with your thinking, why not do the deed now and save all that pointless expense?
Another one bites the dust.......

will 'she' try again??

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Should we encourage state assisted suicide for the elderly with payments for themselves or their families?

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