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Should we encourage state assisted suicide for the elderly with payments for themselves or their families?

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Maria_M | 15:31 Tue 04th Jan 2011 | Family & Relationships
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Now bare with me because it's not as grim as it sounds. I think we as a society could all benefit from a new rule/law which gives the elderly once they turn 60 to give their life to the state and in return the state could give them a credit card where if they can go on free holidays pay no more rent, no more bills get free spa treatments, hair, nails massage basically live like a millionaire for 2 years or they could be given a lumpsum instead to give to their family if they agree right away afterwhich they come to a "Culling station" similar to the one soylent green where they can lie in a chair watch a montage of family photos, peacefull nature scenarios or their favourite film or comedy as they are put to sleep. Now this would free up many thousands of homes which could be used for the young and carehomes which could be converted into nurseries or flats, this idea would also help the nhs moneywise which in turn would mean more money for new drugs, treatments and research for the young and there would also be many jobs freed up, our roads would be much safer without elderly death/part blind or confused drivers making it a danger also amongst so many other benefits. I am 60 myself and would love to give my life for a better future for our newer younger generations. Any thoughts?


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It's very trying...
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Exactly. you work until you drop for 2 years worth of relaxation. No ta.
Maria has left us for greener pastures....she couldn't wait
oooer, you don't think shes "done the deed" do you?
Probably been put out of her misery.........
Fabulous idea.....I would accept, take that life of a millionaire and at the end of 2 years would tell them that I have changed my mind...........I don´t want to be culled.

Not a lot could be done about that.

I would then move abroad in the sun and live on my more than adequate pensions.

Yep......gimme some of that.
someone's bored today...
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What should we bare with Maria - bottoms?
I m not sure whether this was a serious suggestion Maria_M

The first thing I thought of was my lovely Nan who lived to be 96, admittingly she was very healthy and very with it, and she had a lovely life up until the last year, so if she had opted into this scheme at the age of 60!! not only would she have missed out on a lot of life but I also would not have had my life enhanced with having her around.

I definitely wouldnt give my life away at the young age of 60 for a few hairdressing appointments and a massage.....ridiculos idea!

The older citiizens in this world have a lot to offer. And No I am nowhere near 60,
Maria -you must have a very sad, empty life if at 60 you would be prepared to enter an agreement to be culled in 2 years,so that the youngsters of our world can have a better existence.
Many people over the age of 60 make a valuable contribution to our society, by their experience , knowledge and general attitude.
These youngsters of which you speak are theysome of the same brainless , inept ,lazy rude toe rags who are the curse of of our modern society?
Give up my life for one of those-- never --- am determined to reach 100+
Sounds like a good idea just needs tweaking a bit, say if you havent worked between 16 and 23, no quality of life , might as well end it, give anybody due an asbo the choice, give illegal immigrants commiting crime the choice, go home or the chop,could go on but going to put on my flares and go for a pint
I don't think having the state 'encouraging' it is a good idea. I would happily settle for euthanasia being made legal.
you are implying there is something wrong with being 60, and life is only for the young...
60 is not 'elderly'

sorry but if you are suggesting this become compulsory then you are an idiot

i can see some benefits if the person is very ill in incapable, or even suicidal, but if theyre healthy and happy why should the number of their age matter?

i certainly wouldnt give up my one and only life for 'the young'...why should i? what have they ever done for me?
in my expereince there arent that many young people i would give the steam off my sh1t, let alone my life...

(i am 38, by the way)
I'm 63 so I'm already running even though I'm not retired yet!!!
Run faster Slack, you're being watched ;-)
My mum lived to 93, why do people think 60 is remotely old these days? Anyway - this one didn't last long enough to find out!
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Should we encourage state assisted suicide for the elderly with payments for themselves or their families?

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