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21st birthday present

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sara3 | 17:32 Sat 12th Jul 2008 | Family & Relationships
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pls help. my niece will be 21 this week. she probably has expectations of expensive gifts (I bought her expensive jewellery, as requested, for her 18th.. she loved it for the name but I've never seen her wear it).. so, what to buy? she is a spoilt brat, but I really don't want to spend more than �20(ish). I don't really know what she is into, but she likes expensive toiletries and cosmetics. ideally I'd like to get something that she won't have any idea what it cost.

help, please!


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dkny woman
Question Author
I don't know her perfume "taste", but thanks
you could get her a nice silver bracelet for that if you shopped around - tasteful and something she could keep. if she is that spoilt - it won't matter what you buy her really she may still moan! i hate buying pressies for people that whinge...or worse still just don't appreciate them
Girls of that age seem to like photos of themselves as babies. If you buy a pretty photo frame and find a picture of her as a baby to put in it. She'd probably be touched.
I seem to be the opposite to your niece!
I was 21 in march, I wanted a bracelet, went out and choose 1 with my mum and stepdad, and then my best turned up to my party, and bought me a bracelet, and my sister and sister in law also bought me a bracelet as part of my present! I love all 3, and wear 2 on one wrist and the 3rd on my other wrist!

my dad then took me shopping, and I wanted a silver chain, like a curb chain or whatever they are called, we found one I loved, and it cost hm �15.99!

I have never taken it off since! nice Jewellery doesnt need to cost much, but then Im not an expensive kinda girl!
To me, having my family around me at my part and my few close friends meant more to me then any present ever could!
Question Author
Wiggal, cute, thanks! I could swap you for my niece! I have a bit of a thing for silver bracelets myself, but I bought her a Links of London bracelet for her 18th.. I wonder what the hell she did with it.. sold it? lost it? re-gifted??!!

Stonekicker - spot on, she doesn't appreciate anything.

Notafish... hmmm... interesting idea, thanks :o)
Why are you up so late sara?

Question Author
I've just got home Jayne.. out with Sarah Man! (if you know what I mean!)

what's your excuse??
Hi sara (pron. "Lara")

Sorry I didn't answer (feels guilty). I couldn't keep my eyes open, and I crawled off to bed. I'd been out too, but nowhere very exciting. I had a bit of a "down on myself" day yesterday, so I wasn't much fun last night.

I'm glad Mr Sarah (pron "rarer") has survived his brush with being dumped. Has he learned your name? Or are you grinning and bearing it?

Question Author
good morning Jayne and no worries, I was barely awake awake myself!

he seems to know who I am now, and things are going rather well. I'm trying really hard to not have a problem with his height, which he lied about (the joy of dating sites!). he said he was 5'9 and I swear he's 5'6 at a push. not sure if he actually lied or is kidding himself!

hope you have a better day today :o)

Don't let it bother you sara.

Tom Cruise is 4'3"


(maybe I'll try a dating site as well)
Don't get her a frame, she'll hate it! You're lucky the sales have started. You can probably pick something nice up - Good luck!
I'd donate the money to charity in her name just to spite her for being an ungrateful besom!

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21st birthday present

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