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Can You Help Me Identify If This Is Victim Blaming?

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StupidGuy | 14:20 Wed 12th Jun 2024 | Family & Relationships
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I have been sitting on this all night, and want a second opinion on whether or not this is victim blaming?

So I ride my bike to my obligations each day, and this day I was a little later then when I wanted to be. Because I was late, I wasn't thinking clearly and went to refill my water bottle, because I don't get the chance during the day. But I had already filled my water bottle at home, so I just put the bottle back in my bag, and went on with my day. But I left my bike helmet at the tap station.


To make a long story shorter, I went to ride home, and couldn't find my helmet. Went looking for it, and found it in pieces in a rubbish bin. Because of that, I had to explain to someone why I couldn't ride home, and they blamed me for leaving it there, to be destroyed, and went as far as to say that I replace it, not the perpetrators! I hadn't provoked anyone to do such a thing, so I couldn't be to blame there, and it was an honest accident. But I am still the problem, and the main reason it got destroyed!


I have spent enough time around this person for them to convince me that I do these things to myself, but I had a moment of clarity and wanted a second opinion from here. I could be totally wrong, and instead just need to buy myself a new helmet and accept that I did the wrong thing.



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Question Author

Further research indicates that I might be wrong. At least I found out now.

what earthly difference will knowing if this is victim blaming make to whether you need to buy a new helmet or not?  you dont have a helmet, therefore if you want to ride your bike, you have to buy a new one.

You don't seem to know the perpetrator so I'm unsure what you gain from discussing the point.

Question Author

Fair enough. Just had a moment where I thought it might be victim blaming. I didn't really think too hard about it.

but you said "i have been sitting on this all night"!

i think youd be a lot happier (?) if you didnt over think things so much maybe

I think the issue is, was it reasonable for someone to destroy the helmet rather than putting it to one side  be collected later?

Having said that, what like was the helmet that it was able to end up in bits?

Could someone have reasonably thought it was in such a state that it had been abandoned?

It is yours. you have to replace it. You cant turn to the nearest person say "this  is your debt"

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Can You Help Me Identify If This Is Victim Blaming?

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