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New Revelation (Decently Long)

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StupidGuy | 01:19 Mon 06th May 2024 | Family & Relationships
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Couple things I have been thinking about. Doubt anyone really cares, but this place has inadvertently helped me through some darker times in my life.

Something I realised about 2 or so weeks ago is that people don't care. Let me rephrase a little because that comes off as pessimistic. People don't care as much as you think they do. Everyone cares more about how other people view them, so by thinking that everyone is judging you is really just incorrect, because everyone is thinking about how other people view them.

So the key to confidence (in my way) is to realise that people care so much about how other people view them, that they don't put the energy into fully caring about how you look. So by making the realisation that you are realisically only judged by yourself and sometimes other people (but this point kind of disproves that), then you should live your life as you want to live it, not to what you think other people want you to live like.

That was a little confusing, so I will insert a sort of anecdote. 

I once wanted to wear this shirt that I liked. But I thought that when I wore it, the people around me would stop liking me, or would view me as some sort of nerd. So I didn't wear the shirt that day, and felt bad for not wearing the shirt. But the next time an opportunity presented itself to wear the shirt, I thought for a minute. "The people that see me won't know me as some nerd with a nerdy shirt. The people that see me are too worried about their clothes to properly judge my choice". So I wore the shirt, and felt confident whild doing so. This short story should convey my point, but I am a little bit of a long typer.

I will be suprised if I get even a single person that reads down here, so if you did make it here, thank you for reading my brain ramblings!

Since this needs to be a question, I will ask this. Do any of you agree with my point, and if not, can you share why not?

Always try to do a little better than yesterday!



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Question Author

I swear this looked less dense when I was making the question

I read your post!

I think that we are all so wrapped up in our own little world and, as you say, you don't really see the people around you.

I am at the stage in my life where I feel that people either accept me or they become too much hard work.

Don't over-analyse what is in your head .  Be yourself and relax.


people do judge others: you can be pleased if they judge you're a nice guy, but if they think you're a fool, you might like to consider why (but they might be wrong!)

But by and large, if they're dumb enough to  judge you by your shirt, they're people whose good opinion is not worth having.

Paragraphs are the solution!  It makes things easier to read.


I think your point is well known.

What was so different about your shirt ?

i think what you say is correct and if you hadn't mentioned it I wouldn't have given your long post a thought - negative or otherwise. You do seem to do yourself down unnecessarily- maybe your user name could changeto cleverguy  😊

he has used paragraphs, wolf, you can see how some sentences start on a new line. But it must have been done on some platform that doesn't mesh with AB's, which automatically adds a space when you hit the Return key..

jno, I didn't notice the breaks - in my defence, it was half past one in the morning.


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New Revelation (Decently Long)

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