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Has My Friend Gone Off Me?

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abbeylee90 | 14:00 Sun 24th Mar 2024 | Family & Relationships
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Maybe I'm overeating but my friend seems to be leaving me out from my other friend since they been friends which was NYE. We been friends for over 10 years nearly me and my other friend got a group she said to my friend in there she will have to come to hers but no mention of me going also since she moved in there with her partner she don't message me first so I've left it also she said she will pop my friends birthday in her works diary bit said she will have to see closer to the time for my birthday which is in May  I feel like she forgotten me and you'd think she known my other friend 10 years. I under of course rent is expensive 



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Ynnafymmi, for the avoidance of any doubt, I deleted your post and gave the warning you chose to ignore.

I am the one suspending you for 48 hours.

Jth. As an aside, sorry abbie for interfearing on your thread .

Jack I do admire your moderation skills but recently I've noticed some mods using sort of threatening language to abers eg. You have been told, I will suspend you the next time. 
is this now an accepted use of moderation  ?

anneasquith - I imagine that any style of moderation is approved of by the Editorial team. And given the level of whinging and whining on display by contributors I can see the need for warnings. If transgressors are then unable, or unwilling, to amend their behaviour they can't really complain when they find themselves kicking their heels in the dungeons.

Have to say I agree with anneasquith.

I wouldn’t say that type of thing is threatening language.  It is more of a reminder to the hard of thinking that if they continue to behave like a chump then they are likely to see the full consequences of their efforts.

anneasquith I think it's helpful to spell out the consequences of failing to follow advice to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

Jth, your reply is appreciated .

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I was just quite upset she was speaking in the group like I wasn't there 

Abbey, are you still brooding over something that happened yesterday (or earlier)? We weren't there, maybe your friend WAS leaving you out a bit - but we can't reassure you and say' It'll be OK' or 'She didn't mean anything'. We weren't there and we have no idea what your friends, any of them, are thinking. You will have to shrug off some of these things, they only make you miserable. 

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Wasn't as good as was shattered today 

Abbeylee - I don't understand your last post, but with regard to your concerns about your friend - ask her! It's as simple as that.

You are making yourself unhappy again by overthinking in my opinion. Be friendly, accept friendships and understand that  they fluctuate.

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Sorry wrong post about my work today.

But yeah just at this moment I don't think I could turn to her now if I was in trouble like when I was with my ex

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Use to slag my other friend off wonder why she changed her mind 

I'm not sure what sort of response you're expecting or hoping for with that post at 17:21 today, abbey- you're just going over the same ground and sound as if you're just thinking out loud. Instead of dwelling on the past think of all the good things in your life- new job, a repeat date with a guy you seemed very taken with and still being chased by the guy with the beard and shaky voice, a loving family who provide a home and food, your role at the dogs' home, lots of lovely clothes...

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You're so right thanks new

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So I ask about going out for my birthday which is 2 weeks but now says she working I didn't give enough notice as she said she can't commit to a night out in advance 

Abbey- you're at work and should be focused on that or socialising with work colleagues rather than brooding over this again. Wait until you get home then decide whether to take the hint and wait for her to make the next move- or just ask her directly whether she has fallen out with you. 

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I was on lunch when I posted this

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Has My Friend Gone Off Me?

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