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Has My Friend Gone Off Me?

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abbeylee90 | 14:00 Sun 24th Mar 2024 | Family & Relationships
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Maybe I'm overeating but my friend seems to be leaving me out from my other friend since they been friends which was NYE. We been friends for over 10 years nearly me and my other friend got a group she said to my friend in there she will have to come to hers but no mention of me going also since she moved in there with her partner she don't message me first so I've left it also she said she will pop my friends birthday in her works diary bit said she will have to see closer to the time for my birthday which is in May  I feel like she forgotten me and you'd think she known my other friend 10 years. I under of course rent is expensive 



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The stripy one.

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What do you mean?

Don't you mean OVERREACTING ?

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Maybe she has, Abbey, maybe she hasn't - no-one here will know for certain. Maybe the other two have found that they have lots more in common. I'm sure you'd agree that your life's been full of a lot of doom and gloom and disappointments lately, maybe those two like getting together, having a bit of a laugh.

It happens Abbey -  people change over the years. 


Abbey, can you not ask her? We don't know your friend so we can't say.

Abbey, if this is the same friend, the same situation that you asked about just a couple of weeks ago, did the replies then not help? I think most people thought you shouldn't be getting too wrapped up in all of this... but you're obviously still bothered by what other people, grown women, are doing.

My main friends - there are 4 of us - all met at a local area event a year and a half ago, all got on and swapped numbers. All became very close. As time has gone on we still all chat/meet up/ etc, but some more than others..... for example one of them and I message daily, several times a day, we definitely get on and have more in common than the others. But she also meets another one of the 4 far more than anyone else. I'm also the only married one so I often find out they've done stuff that I didn't know about lol. It's just the way it is. We're all grown women and some people you just get on with better than others, or have more in common with...

Yes you are overreacting 

I have one very close friend, we have been friends for almost 40 years.  We are still close but I haven't met up with her for lunch for a year.

Life gets in the way!

Maybe she's found someone easier to deal with, I should imagine you would make a very high maintenance friend - or don't you ask real people what you ask repeatedly on here? 

Abbey, I think you'll have to make a real effort to stop ... having the same problems, dilemmas (many of them manufactured by yourself)  over and over again! You're getting nowhere fast...

..and make the effort to read all the replies we've given you previously.

^^ Unfortunately, one can never have a discussion about things with Abbey - most of the time she gives monosyllabic replies.  I doubt very much that she gives total regard to replies.  Do you, Abbey?

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I been looking after a dog so won't reply to everyone. I'm not a high maintenance friend other friend use to be and friend I'm on about now agreed with me all it was she talking in the group like I wasn't there

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Hopefully these problems will stop

Thanks, Abbey. I think you'll stop giving us all these 'problems' when your life gets a bit better, fuller! You maybe don't realise how self-absorbed you sound at times...

You come across as high maintenance 

// I under of course rent is expensive //

What do you mean by this, what rent?

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Has My Friend Gone Off Me?

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