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What Are Signs Men Are Saying Things For Reaction

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honeybun35 | 02:59 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | Family & Relationships
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This guy was purposely talking about other woman around me not sure why. Even showed me a photo of one because she text while we were together. He claims she have another man now and he don't want her. 



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isn't life complicated these days!

Trying to make out he is attractive to other women so you think he would be doing you a favour taking you to bed.... Don't fall for it be will be a total loser.

Confident men don't need silly tricks.  And decent ones don't talk about exes.

From the title I thought the answer had to be that he must identify as a woman. But your actual post seems to reduce that possibility a little.


Maybe he didn't know your rule regarding not discussing others when he is with you. Are you sure that he was just saying things for a reaction ? I reckon that'd be too complex a behaviour for most guys to indulge in.

go for someone else

he is!

try to think less

Please proof read before posting and try to think of something other than MEN all the time.

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What Are Signs Men Are Saying Things For Reaction

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