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Do You Think He Has Gone Off Me?

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abbeylee90 | 21:34 Wed 07th Feb 2024 | Family & Relationships
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I said I'd make a new thread earlier so like I explained in my other one. This guy I went on a date with 2 weeks ago and as I explained he said he wanted a 2nd we were meant to go out last Friday but he cancelled as he has a cold. He said on Sunday he would let me know if he wants to go out this week but said yesterday he has a cold but also hasn't been messaging me in the morning like he normally would 



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Abbey, don't put your life on hold waiting for him to decide what he wants.  Just get on with your life.  Go out with your friends and other men if you want to - and if he suggests another date play it by ear at the time.  If you're free and would like to go, go - if you're not free or don't want to go, don't.  If he just wants a casual relationship, that's fine.  You do the...
10:49 Thu 08th Feb 2024
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no, he hasn't gone off you, he has a cold. He is still in touch, but he has a cold! Give him chance to get over it!

How are we supposed to know what he thinks?

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Does it really matter if you were considering going out with another man?

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I'm not

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Is it normal to have a cold for 2 weeks?

I understand that you are someone who is quite needy Abbey - but unless you try to hide this you will scare people off again and again

Two weeks for a cold isn't unusual, could be Covid.

It's been under a week hasn't it? He cancelled late last week for last Friday or Saturday because of his cold. It's now Tuesday

You sure NMA?😂

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I haven't been needy as I been waiting for him to message me until today and waiting to see if he asks me out and its Wednesday 

if YOU cancelled because you don't know what to wear, does that mean that YOU have gone OFF him?  Asking for a friend.

It's hard to take but yes he's almost certainly gone off you or was never on you. If he was interested he'd be doing the chasing, irrelevant of the cold. Don't take this to heart, everyone experiences this, especially those who use online dating apps.

Move on.

We men usually suffer very badly from colds (a fact not generally recognised by women who cruelly label it man-flu) so a week is not at all surprising. 

Good luck with this relationship Abbey, I hope it gets over this interrupted start.

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Thewinnner I didn't cancel

I know you didn't.  What I am saying is:  if YOU (Abbeylee90) had to cancel, for WHATEVER reason, (like you can't make it ON THAT PARTICULAR DAY) does it mean "YOU HAVE "GONE OFF HIM"?  No, it doesn't!  WE (answerbankers) understand that, but you may not.

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No I get you know he said he hates cancelling plans as I would if I had to cancel

WE SEE: sorry Abbeylee90, I can't come as I have a cold.



abbey - This is the awful 'Will he call or not ...' phase, and I understand your concern.

You just have to let things pan out, if he doesn't contact you, then it just wasn't meant to be, and you can carry on dating other people if and when you wish.

Please don't be too concerned, it's not a reflection on you personally, sometimes people just don't gel, it's no-one's fault.

Oh, and ignore the stupid comments from posters old enough to know better who think exercising their boorish wit makes them interesting to read.

It doesn't, so skip over them.  

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Do You Think He Has Gone Off Me?

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