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Do You Think He Has Gone Off Me?

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abbeylee90 | 21:34 Wed 07th Feb 2024 | Family & Relationships
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I said I'd make a new thread earlier so like I explained in my other one. This guy I went on a date with 2 weeks ago and as I explained he said he wanted a 2nd we were meant to go out last Friday but he cancelled as he has a cold. He said on Sunday he would let me know if he wants to go out this week but said yesterday he has a cold but also hasn't been messaging me in the morning like he normally would 



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Abbey, don't put your life on hold waiting for him to decide what he wants.  Just get on with your life.  Go out with your friends and other men if you want to - and if he suggests another date play it by ear at the time.  If you're free and would like to go, go - if you're not free or don't want to go, don't.  If he just wants a casual relationship, that's fine.  You do the...
10:49 Thu 08th Feb 2024

@17.06.Didnt you book a new test when you couldnt get this one?Seems your excuse for not taking the test last Monday is looking very tame?

2 of my best friends do not have partners and haven't for over 20years. 
they go on dates have fun but don't rely on a man at all.

i have a friend who cannot be without a man she lurches from 1 relationship to the next and is downright miserable.

Fymmi let it go!

Why,Helen?This fork-lift driving course was a big thing for abbey.Now she is making up some excuses for her not taking her fork-lift driving course.

5 times you have asked that is too many.

Ynna, stop bombarding abbey with questions she's already answered.  You're coming across as a bully.

No answers from abbey regarding her fork-lift test.Some would say she was making it up all along.Not me,of course.So abbey when are you retaking your fork-lift driving test?

Abbey, read Barrys post @ 17:15.


Ynna, if you don't stop hounding abbey I will suspend you. 

"Some would say she is making it up all along"....

ynnafymmi some would say that, and if you are one of them, then why bother to comment?


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Ynn I don't know I have been given a list of dates.

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I know what you're saying actually as I was misribble in my last relationship 

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ynnaf, dunno if you have trouble reading or something, but the OP answered your question immediately you asked it at 15.58

Thanks calmck , I hope Abbey sees that and asks her parents for advice on whether she seems to have the skills and competences listed. The role seems to me very stretching for Abbey...I agree with Prudie. But if the course is free it's worth doing: even if she fails at least she can cross it off the list.

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