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Those Little Alarms That Some People Carry On Chains Around...

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sandyRoe | 16:03 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | Family & Relationships
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...their neck in case of a fall, where can they be bought and is there a subscription for using them?

Does a message go to a center and call a notified respondent?




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Prices start at approx £15 a month depending on what you want.

We are currently trying to sort one out for MIL - the most expensive is £32 a month but has GPS incase she falls when out and a speak in the pendant - whereas the cheaper one you speak into a hub in the house


This one starts from £9 a month but I don't know if it's any good;gclid=CjwKCAiAq4KuBhA6EiwArMAw1N5UkWScnhykV0LN3zvwADpEybE3I3re7i5LMHJ_3M-8cSc_f8rRUBoCvncQAvD_BwE

Make sure whatever you opt for does not use 3G as that is being switched off within the next year or two

Have a read of this


I have one of those alarms(supplied free by Social Services,if you qualify),but have not had to use it yet(thank goodness).It alerts the control centre,who ring the nominated person.In my case the nearest neighbour.By my front door(on the wall) is a "KeySafe" with the front door keys in it.It has a combination lock, that only the neighbour knows,and she can retrieve the keys,and let herself in.

The control centre has also given the combination to the ambulance service,so if I need an ambulance,they would not have to break in!

Isn't it wonderful what you can get when you are older.

You are fortunate, Gordon.  My council charges £21.30 a month plus VAT.  If you are on low income AND have a severe mental impairment entitlement to lower council tax then you get a discount, but it isn't free for anyone.

Some councils don't offer the service at all.

Mine is authorised by East Sussex County Council,and supplied by Rother District Council.

But yes,it's all a bit of a lottery,just what you can get free.

Another barrier with my council is that the person must live alone to qualify, which means the other person is tied to the house as well.  

sandy, that £9 a month one I linked to is analogue only so requires a telephone.  As you know traditional landlines are being phased out so will be redundant very quickly.  Please ignore my link,

Sandy. Contact your social work dept. ( elderly care). If you qualify they are excellent. 
noseynose has explained them ( alert buttons ) . They give peace of mind to yourself and family/ friends . 

From the same link is a GPS one that works outside the home for £21 a month, RedHelen may also be interested in that one.  It also includes a fall sensor activated at no extra cost.


Do your research and know what you are buying before you commit.  


Good morning Sandy, I seen this on the tv and I thought of you. If you cannot get an emergency alarm from the health service or councils, this is an ideal little alarm (I'm thinking of getting one myself) a one off payment , pairs with your phone (smartphone) and if you are in any kind of trouble it will send messages to up to 10 contacts (notified respondent) you would have keyed into it 
The guy that owns the shop selling these is often on tv showing the latest gadgets and what works.  He can also be contacted on Instagram thegadgetguyam
The little fob does not make noise (ring out) but whoever you are trying to alert will hear your call 

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Those Little Alarms That Some People Carry On Chains Around...

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