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We Need Help Regarding Car Seats

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SarahGarza88 | 23:53 Sat 03rd Feb 2024 | Family & Relationships
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What car seat should my daughter be in? Clara has extreme dwarfism and is six years old but only 18 pounds and 1‘5“ tall, right now we have her in a rear facing infant  seat because of weight and height requirement, Currently she has a lot of room to grow into the car seat meaning that she wouldn’t necessarily need a new one for years to come, the rear facing also doubles as a child carrier. Clara tires out very easily and inconvenience factor of being able to carry her in the car seat is a huge bonus. 


What would you do? Would you put her in a rear facing? Should we get something different?


is there also a way she could be able to climb up into it herself? Given her height, the regular seat is pretty high up for her, and any car seat makes it quite a bit higher for her than it already is, even more so a rear facing. It would still be awesome if she could climb up herself safely because she doesn’t want to be treated like a toddler and lift it up into the car seat, we would also need something to help her climb up onto the floorboard, and then from there up onto the seat. Right now she isn’t tall enough to climb up on the floorboard, and even if she did she again isn’t tall enough to climb up onto the regular car chair. And her car seat is a little too high for her too comfortably step into  just because of the depth. given that it is a RF infant seat the sides are pretty high and the seat is very deep. so do y’all have any ideas of how she could climb up and into her car seat?



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We Need Help Regarding Car Seats

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