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marriageadvice | 23:39 Fri 21st Jan 2022 | Family & Relationships
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Please please help. I need advice. I feel so traumatised. I hope I can express myself.. But the short of it, i just found out I am married to a pervert. I have tears streaming down my face. I don’t know who to ask. I don’t want to ask anyone in my church or family. I am so ashamed.

I just saw my husband urinating in the bathroom sink. I woke up around 3am and he wasn’t in bed. I got up to check and saw him in the bathroom urinating in the sink! I barely remember what happened. I know he was trying to talk but I couldn’t hear him. I was just screaming and screaming and screaming in horror and couldn’t stop. My poor children woke up and i scooped them up and drove them to my mothers. I didnt wake my mother and i dont know what to say to her when she wakes. We are in the car and i have put the kids asleep.

My husband has been texting me to say that he just didnt want to wake me by flushing the toilet but i just want to vomit. what if my toothbrush falls in and gets urine on it? i can only assume he is sick and gets off on the possibility of me and my kids ingesting his urine by accident. Now i dont know what he might have done to my children. how can i have been married for 8 years to someone and not know they are perverted? I can’t stop crying and i dont know what to do. I have already vomited twice. Please I need help. I can’t turn to anyone


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i cant believe this is a serious question.
on th off chance it is my advice is get a grip luv
Are you up for a laff - don't believe this for a second.
He probably does it in the shower too

Lucky it is not something serious

Do you think that screaming over something so trivial was a good idea for the children to hear ?
Most men have probably done this at some stage for some reason
A spoof post. And not a very clever one at that.
If you google the health benefits of ingesting urine you’ll be a happy bunny.
Question Author
Please help. This is not a fake post. I created this profile just now in the car so I can get some help. I don't know where to turn without exposing myself except an anonymous site like this. stop trolling me
Behaving so hysterically and allowing children to overhear is ridiculous about something so trivial.
-- answer removed --
then i refer you to my first post
Mamya, it’s not real. For Funks Sake.
I answer posts in my way, thanks for your advice though.
Please help. This is not a fake post. I created this profile just now in the car so I can get some help.
I agree that you need help
But of the professional kind
Not an internet forum
Good grief! When I was at college (where the halls of residence had sinks but one had to walk down the corridor to get to a toilet) EVERY guy peed in their sink at night!

Also, if I'm staying in a B&B with similar plumbing arrangements, it would never even occur to me to put a dressing gown on to walk down the corridor to a toilet. I ALWAYS use the sink!

If this is for real I need a stiff drink. Take a deep breath and grow up for the sake of your mental health and your children. A pervert for doing a pee in the sink!! My grandkids pee in the bath, I have done it in the shower. Being a lady couldn't reach the sink! The kids do it in the garden if caught short. On long walks a thick bush comes in handy! Keep a supply of toothbrushes handy.
I’m not surprised that scams still work if you can’t identify this as a joke post. Seriously…..c’mon.
Every night AB gets at least one post from the US, which is clearly some weird attention-seeking kind of BS. The amazing thing is the number of people who answer it as though it was genuine.
I know someone who caught her husband urinating in the wardrobe in the early hours. He was half asleep, and rather inebriated. She wasn't impressed.
Been there. Done that.
My friend Ian was more shocked than you when he discovered that lots of drunken chaps at his party had mistaken the open sack of potatoes in the hall cupboard for the toilet. He rinsed the potatoes and sold them to neighbours.

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