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marriageadvice | 23:39 Fri 21st Jan 2022 | Family & Relationships
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Please please help. I need advice. I feel so traumatised. I hope I can express myself.. But the short of it, i just found out I am married to a pervert. I have tears streaming down my face. I don’t know who to ask. I don’t want to ask anyone in my church or family. I am so ashamed.

I just saw my husband urinating in the bathroom sink. I woke up around 3am and he wasn’t in bed. I got up to check and saw him in the bathroom urinating in the sink! I barely remember what happened. I know he was trying to talk but I couldn’t hear him. I was just screaming and screaming and screaming in horror and couldn’t stop. My poor children woke up and i scooped them up and drove them to my mothers. I didnt wake my mother and i dont know what to say to her when she wakes. We are in the car and i have put the kids asleep.

My husband has been texting me to say that he just didnt want to wake me by flushing the toilet but i just want to vomit. what if my toothbrush falls in and gets urine on it? i can only assume he is sick and gets off on the possibility of me and my kids ingesting his urine by accident. Now i dont know what he might have done to my children. how can i have been married for 8 years to someone and not know they are perverted? I can’t stop crying and i dont know what to do. I have already vomited twice. Please I need help. I can’t turn to anyone


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//The kids do it in the garden if caught short.//

And not only the kids!
Many years ago, I woke from a nap on the sofa to see my extremely inebriated first husband peeing in the veg drawer of the fridge.
At least it wasn't the floor...
Marinated veg Pasta. Yummy!
Was it a floor standing fridge, Pasta? Ours is above the freezer. Even Dave wouldn’t reach that.
Us blokes have pee'd in many unusual places :-)
-- answer removed --
Some of us have used the sink, whilst cleaning our teeth. Who said men couldn't multi task.
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I don't know why I thought I could get help here. You people are perverts too. I am going to try and find a Christian message board. Thanks for nothing. you all know how sick it is to urinate in a sink and pretending its normal when someone is crying out for help is horrible
I hope you get the help you seek.

Many of us simply don't find normal bodily functions perverted.
You say that this horrendous perverted act was committed at 3am and you haven't woken you mother yet in order to seek her advice. Do you live on the West coast of the US by any chance. Probably not relevant, but I thought I'd ask.
Maybe her mom is named Karen, sanmac ;-)
If he apologises, would that be OK?
You peasants - I would never pee in anything other than a urinal or a toilet .

Oh actually - I did wake up one early morning bursting for a slash .

Unfortunately little miss bazile was admiring the wallpaper in the John .

So I had to avail myself of the drain outside
A sad wind up thinks I.

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