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dollfacee624 | 21:23 Wed 24th Mar 2021 | Family
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In December 2019, I found out that my now ex-boyfriend was living a double life. He was living with another woman and she ultimately blurted out she was pregnant the night she pulled up to his father's home. I cut off the relationship, same night. We discussed him and agreed he was a liar and no good. I messaged her on Facebook to let her know everything, and that we had been dating since February. (We discussed him and she also let me know they met in February also.) Very disgusting. We ended the conversation on good terms and he continued to lie to both of us. Next few days, HE comes to work and starts to pick at me and ultimately quit. That following weekend, Afterwards, He calls me out of my name. That following weekend, I find out I'm pregnant by him also. I let him know, and about my first appointment to confirm pregnancy. He stated he told her, but I knew this was also a lie, after finding out he was such a liar. I then told her because she had previously asked. She stated he didn't tell her anything and she had just had dinner with his family the night before. She asked was I showing and did he know. I let her know he knew, he made my first appointment, and sent her pics to show. Although, He was still lying to me saying he was not dealing with her and hadn't for a year. Same day, We all get on the phone and discuss him. Ended the conversation saying she wasn't going to be with him, per her mother. I couldn't grasp her mother speaking for her at 34, and him not being honest at 31. She then proceeded to lie to her mother like she didn't ask for pictures and that she didn't have this conversation. Next week rolls by and she sends me this really long message saying me, my mom, or a baby is not going to make her leave her man. Saying he made a mistake and a baby is possibly coming from his mistake. He had a woman at home, although he was picking me up for work and taking me home. And whenever he wants sex he can roll over and sleep with her. I didn't respond, because I felt is was childish and I didn't need to act ugly like her. Afterwards, I blocked her and his family again on social media and went on with my life. My child's father was not there after confirming I was 3 months pregnant. He was not present at labor/delivery either. She had her child 6/17 and I had mine 7/17. My baby was 8 days old and his father reached out after my mom sent him pics of her and asked for a paternity test. We get the results after a week and he's 100% the father and he made no attempt to step up. Now the female starts stalking my Instagram. She updates her bio to something similar to mine whenever I do. She even went and purchased a truck similar to mine. I don't respond back, but I tested my theory to see if she is in fact stalking me. I update my bio 10 times and every single time I did, she put the same in her bio or something similar. I started to talk to her through my bio because she would change her profile pic to their maternity pics of pics of him holding the child. I then proceeded to tell her she can't change the fact that she is 100% his child. It's like she's competing with herself. Fast forward, We ended up in child support court and that test also proved he was 100%. They cannot locate him to serve him because his fathers address is on file and he now lives with her. She is pregnant again and is now naming the baby with same initials as my child and a close/similar name to her also. I am tired of the drama and for 7 months I did not post my baby because I knew she was stalking me and I even deactivated but somehow she is still keeping up with me. I'm not causing any drama, I don't have his number nor am I associated with the family. Why does she hate/dislike me for absolutely nothing? Is it for his actions? Why is she keeping him away from his child? Should I just say forget the child support or what?


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"That following weekend, Afterwards, He calls me out of my name."
what does that mean?
So many questions.
Why does she hate/dislike me for absolutely nothing? Is it for his actions? Why is she keeping him away from his child? Should I just say forget the child support or what?

Do what you can in the circumstances.
Tell the child support courts where he is living, presumably you know where she lives. Stop posting on Facebook. Try to be the bet mum you can.
I was about to post exactly what cashier has said.

If you are adult enough to carry and deliver a baby, you are adult enough to spend your time and energy on your baby, and stop messing about with immature attention-seeking people.

Love your baby, stay off social media permanently, it's a cesspool of hatred and misery, and who needs that?
I got bored halfway down.Sorry.
Can't even bother to read it , thought at first when I noticed the length of the post it was one of N/Js.

Learn paragraphs
I can only back up what others have said, get off social media and get on with your life with those you can trust around you. If you know where your daughters father is living tell the child support court. When peoplemirror someone in their actions in life or on social media, its their problem. She is rightly feeling insecure and is possibly jealous of you. Move on, you don't need any of them.
I'm sorry, you have to go through all this. I also think that you need to address the child support court. And I think, the best you can do is to be a mom to your baby and find a good man who will love and respect you.
They walk amongst us.
... and they breed.

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