Child Guardian Implications

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OldChestNuts | 08:36 Fri 12th Feb 2021 | Family
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I have been asked by the child's parent to be a guardian of their child in order to study here in the UK. This is because the child is under 18.
Are there any implications for taking on this responsibility?

Any thoughts will be appreciated.


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I'm not sure that what you're proposing is easily possible. You can't become a 'legal guardian' to a child while their parents are still alive. You can become a 'special guardian' but it's a complicated process which requires giving three months notice to your local authority and either using the services of a family mediator or paying over two hundred pounds in court fees:
// Are there any implications for taking on this responsibility?//

you have said it - responsibilities
of course there are duties

I imagine they wanted you to be in loco parentis

[so that this unruly teenager stays with you - stays out all night , unless they are too drugged and when the police come around you say yes I am responsible for this trail of carnage and debt]
but me dont ask me: I know nothing about teenagers

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Child Guardian Implications

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