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Am I A Stalker, Or Even A Creep???

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j_kurial | 23:13 Sat 01st Aug 2020 | Family & Relationships
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Last October I [18M] befriended Cassidy [15F] from school. It was always platonic because I am gay.

The first time I went to her house, she asked me to tell her grandparents I'm the same age as her. This was because they already don't like her hanging around boys, even gay ones, and being three years older would only worsen it. So I lied, but the third or so time I came over, I accidentally revealed my real age; her grandparents were mad, saying being gay doesn't excuse me from being "inappropriate" with Cassidy.

After that we hung out solely at school or the mall, but before Spring Break, Cassidy's phone got deactivated, so we knew that we couldn't talk until after SB, and promised to do so. But then the pandemic canceled the rest of our school year, and her phone is still deactivated, so we haven't spoken since then.

Cassidy's birthday was at the end of March, so I texted her Nana to tell her I said happy birthday. Got no response, so early May, I called her Nana and left a message asking how Cassidy was doing. Got no response. I've tried talking to some of our mutual friends and they've all said they haven't talked to Cassidy, and that her Nana did not answer their calls.

I'm really worried about her now. The only thing I think there is left to do is to go to her physical address, but I feel like it wouldn't be the best idea because of her grandparents obviously not liking me. But for all I know, Cassidy could be getting abused, so I really don't know what to do.

The amount of mixed responses I've gotten on the Internet about this situation is confusing. I've never been called a stalker or a creep but too many people are perceiving it that way. Not in real life, only online.

So I need to know am I a stalker or even a creep about this?


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Two phone calls to Nana in two months does not make you a stalker or a creep. You just seem concerned about your friend.
If your friend has never said anything to you about abuse, or behaved in a way that causes concern, just wait until you see her again at school.
If you have reason to be concerned, tell your mom / dad or other adult relative who may be prepared to phone Nana.
Leave it
no you are not a stalker

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Am I A Stalker, Or Even A Creep???

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