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Suetheramble | 19:01 Wed 25th Sep 2019 | Family
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I have a cap that is coming out. The dentist has said I must wear a plate for 3 months then a bone graft to fit the cap I think this will cost a bomb so would it pay to shop around for the cheapest price? I am NH and not sure of it is all done on the NH


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If the treatment is deemed to be "clinically necessary to protect and maintain good oral health" then it should be available on the NHS:

If so, it looks to me as if the charge should be £269.30:

If the treatment is available on the NHS, some people are eligible for a full or partial reduction of the fee:

However if the treatment isn't seen as being "clinically necessary to protect and maintain good oral health" you'll have to seek private treatment and, as you suggest it would make sense to shop around.

As a guide to prices, this Nottingham practice lists their fees (including those for bone grafts):
No expert, but I'd have thought bone graphs might be beyond NHS treatment. Worth checking but my guess would be that it sounds at least partially private. Apologies if this turns out not to be so.
Would suggest you shop around - this sounds like a bit of a rip off to me. Good luck.
from my experience - sell your house LOL
I paid £1,000 for a bone graft alone - I am pretty sure it wouldn't be done on NHS.
I think it's awful that dental costs are not covered by the NHS.
Pulling the tooth would be far simpler, cheaper, less painful.
and the NHS would deem that as meeting the "orally healthy" criteria

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