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Pembrokeshire Theme Park

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neuron | 19:25 Tue 18th Jul 2017 | Family & Relationships
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In the Ninetees, there was a small theme park in Pembrokeshire that no longer exists. I'm not thinking of Oakwood, which is there to this day.

I'm not absolutely sure of its location which is why a search on old maps is proving fruitless. The whole park was not that brilliant but I know it competed with Oakwood for a good few years.

I'm trying to remember the name of the park and I've spoken to a few people who remember going there. Wierdly, none of us can remember the name of the place. I seem to recall the site was just off a main road.

Thank you.


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Neuron.....Folly Farm perhaps ?
Question Author
Thanks mikey4444 but it wasn't Folly Farm. Folly Farm is there nowadays. The park was a dumbed down version of Oakwood and I do remember seeing a derelict sign on the land a few years back when I travelled between Carmarthen and Fishguard. The problem is that I can't recall the route I took to get to Fishguard that day!
Neuron....I have been racking my brain on this place, but nothing is coming through, so to speak !
Question Author
Yes, I have too! I wasn't dreaming it - I've spoken to a few people in my locality who remember going there on pub trips but none of them remember the name! Everyone tells me that the rides were far inferior to what Oakwood has nowadays but it this place was still a theme park. Oakwood was in its infancy at the time and wasn't really as well known as it is nowadays.
Penscynor Wildlife Park? It was near Neath though.
Practically every primary school trip I went on was to Pensycynor.
Question Author
It was Groveland folks! Located near St Clears. Yes, I know that St Clears is in Carmarthenshire - my mistake. The facilities at Groveland were far inferior to Oakwood and I've since discovered that Groveland Leisure Ltd has been wound up as a company.

It was great while it lasted to be honest and I know that schools and pubs in south Wales used to organise trips to the venue. There's nothing more critical than a busload of pubgoers when it comes to giving an opinion on theme parks!

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Pembrokeshire Theme Park

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