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Let Down By The Previous Generation?

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AB Editor | 10:53 Fri 17th Feb 2017 | Family & Relationships
16 Answers

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Do you feel your parent's generation made the world better for your generation, or worse?

  • Better - 142 votes
  • 77%
  • Neither better or worse - 30 votes
  • 16%
  • Worse - 12 votes
  • 7%

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Like all generations - a mixture of both.

Society is far too multi-layered and complex to provide a simple 'either / or' answer.
Question Author
On balance though Andy? :)
They won the 2nd World War for starters.
On balance then - better. They have ensured that the freedoms generations have used to improve things for everyone were protected from the threat of domination. That alone means they have made the world better.
Up until recently it would have been no but since the vote it is yes. However I am very pleased to say that my father is not included in this. Having served his country with pride he too feels let down by his own generation.
My parents generation were the ones who fought in WW2.
Better imo.
My parents fought in WW2 and then worked very hard in post war Britain to do everything they could to ensure that their family were well cared for and as well educated as their ability or choice allowed.
As far as I am concerned they made the world a better place.
I cannot get on with this new fangled trend for blaming people, often parents, because things are not going your way.
It is not helpful and can be downright hurtful or insulting.
If you don't think the world is a good place, roll your sleeves up and do something about it, don't just sit in the pub and whine. Be grateful for everything you have now...our parents were food rationed, were lucky if there was a telephone in the street never mind in their pockets and central heating was a pipedream. No one except Doctors had cars, there were no biros, just dip in ink pens ...try using one of those for a letter and see how long it takes you. I could go on and on....

What an absolutely stupid, ignorant question!!!! My parents went through the second world war. what do you expect me to say?????
Just say what you feel - politely as your Parents no doubt taught you to do.
Your parents generation started the war.
My Parents did not invade Poland and Sudetenland Randy Marsh. My relations (uncles, cousins) left blood in Europe to stop a war that was not started by them and they achieved victory in doing so. Shame you and France don't now appreciate their sacrifice to stop it.
Parents generation
Generally I think MOST generations attempt to leave the world better than they found it, and yeah my parents generation went a long way towards greater freedoms and equality, education, healthcare and general fairness, so yes but I would argue that's true of all generations.

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Let Down By The Previous Generation?

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