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Should I Make My 13 Year Old Move Schools?

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ThatgirlMolly | 11:51 Sun 19th Feb 2017 | Family & Relationships
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Need you're advice please!
I'm at the end of my teather with my son who has recently just turned 13. Last year he moved to a different school as he was being bullied. People used to call him names like 'gay' etc. Since moving to this new school he seem happier but his behaviour has not been good. We're constantly getting letters about him misbehaving at school back chatting and being disruptive. He's started back chatting at home too. Last week my sister in law said she found a lighter in his pocket. I'm totally shocked! Having things taken away or being grounded just dosnt seem to work. We have recently moved to a complete different town but haven't moved him as we're worried he might get bullied again. But now I'm starting to wonder if the change might do him good?


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Never been a parent, but I suspect you need to get him to explain why he is playing up. Trying to force good behaviour sounds difficult. And I'd wonder if the lack of stability wasn't a factor, which would increase with a further move. Whst do you feel might change and not repeat itself with a further move ?
Disagree. All you're teaching him to do is walk away from his problems. As for the backchat, it goes hand in hand with most teenagers pushing the boundaries.
WHAT do you feel ....

Like I _++__-'_££& typed !
I think it is a combination of previously being bullied, moving school and moving town.

If you do end up moving him do it soon as he will be looking at options and careers advice very shortly.

What friends does he have? What activities or clubs does he belong to? Being in a different town makes it harder to keep in touch with friends and peer activities.

A move to a school local to you isn't giving in, it is managing your family needs and shouldn't be viewed as a negative.

My 13yr old is only just starting to get a bit cheeky but he is only allowed so much leeway so doesn't actually cross the line.
yet ...
Self defence classes might do him good. Discipline and being able to look after himself could be useful in this situation.

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Should I Make My 13 Year Old Move Schools?

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