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jennyjoan | 21:12 Thu 19th Jan 2017 | Family & Relationships
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Last week I noticed a stain on my kitchen ceiling and I sorta didn't want to "go there". Anyway found a small leak running from the radiator so turned the radiator off and leak stopped. Was going to contact my nephew (plumber) - anyway noticed yesterday another bloo&y leak coming from the back of toilet where I have placed towels.

I contacted nephew yesterday and he said he would get back to me soon - he does forget. Anyway bless him I am just after ringing to sort of remind him to maybe come up tomorrow and you know what he is on a job about a few miles away from me and he is coming down to me after.

When I saw him at Xmas he is so skinny and burnt out looking - I think he is working far too hard.

He will be here shortly but he won't take money etc - I throw the money at him - he throws it back etc.

Next time I have plumbing probs I think I will get an independent plumber. Do you guys think that's ok or am I being disloyal.


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^^^ radiator in the bathroom
If you feel easier about getting an independent plumber, then that's all that matters. Relatives do not seem to have the same urgency as do those tradesmen who are actually earning a living from what they do, rather than doing favours for family.
Most plumbers i know haven't got enough hours in the day to get their work done. Are you sure your nephew isn't doing it out of duty and doesn't want to say no? Maybe he'd be relieved if you gave the job to a different plumber.
Simply 'go with the flow' and accept that he won't take any payment now. Then, when it's his birthday, give him an extra-special present. Problem solved (and you'll still be able to call upon his services later).
Question Author
Yes - thanks for your answers - after tonight I will contact my brilliant boiler man who will give me a good plumber's number I hope.

It is too late for me to be getting work done at this time of night and of course for him.

How would he know unless you tell him?
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Chris I do do that - he gets extra at Xmas - no I will get an independent plumber next time. He means well but he has two sons and another one the way so he has enough family ways too.

I will ensure he gets some money tonight somehow or other.
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You have a good point Ummmm - as I say I have learnt a lesson tonight - as I have turned the radiator back on and it is "pi&&ing".
My family all have their skills and folk book them to do jobs for them, I also have a friend driving a taxi, yet when I ring for a job to get done, they don't charge me, I like to feel independent so if they don't charge me I don't get them, I feel if I got an independent trades person I can at least grumble if the job is not to my satisfaction. I've told my family and friends I'm not getting them for this reason, they don't mind yet I know if I needed them really in an emergency they would be here for me. I don't think you're being disloyal
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thanks Ducksie - that's how I feel. Can't wait for him to come now. He does like the oul TV - especially these big brother programmes.

I am a very very independent person - my neighbour who is a builder/cum everything - I could ask - but God if I can I get independent tradesmen.

I do get embarrassed when they don't take money - I am surprised at myself not doing this earlier - ie getting an independent plumber. This is the latest ever he has been here or rather getting here. I did say to him to leave it until tomorrow as I can turn off radiator and just put more towels at the toilet end.
Question Author
here he comes - god love him
I know exactly how you feel, I used to get that with my nephew and brothers at a time, now I (just this week) called on a guy to do a job for me, he said, ring me at 9.15a.m., I'll have job done for you by 9.30, and so he did, I was able get on with my day, I know family mean well, but the put others first when it comes to their trade, so I even get my nails and hair done in town,not the salon my niece works in
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a wee update - as he is like lightning. Need a part as it is a washer inside cistern - also he knows what's is wrong with radiator. He will get up on Sat morning with part - so we have had a chat re the money and I have told him that I wouldn't be getting him again if he doesn't take the money - so reluctantly he has agreed as he knows it annoys me. Hurray.

Told me not put heating on Sat and also cistern only leaks every time I take a leak. So will try and not flush too often if I can help it.

That's all folks - my saga for tonight is over. Ta all for listening.
Result, well done!
If he won't take payment, tell him to take it for the kids
Question Author

////Relatives do not seem to have the same urgency as do those tradesmen who are actually earning a living from what they do, rather than doing favours for family. /////?

Well am still waiting for the nephew - said he would be here between 10-11 - thank God for my electric fire for a bit of heat in the living room.

He is at football well he says it is finishing soon and bringing son home etc.

I told him I need to get out to supermarket. Oh I'll be up in a half an hour. So that's it - I am done - he will fix today but have a plumber in my folders for next time.
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^^^^ plumber's number - actually this person is just around the corner. I can actually walk to his workplace.
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Feel terrible now - he has been at the two leaks for nearly an hour. And I am going to have rip up new lino I got down about 2 months ago as water definitely has seeped under. It has turned into a big enough job as cistern is still sitting on the floor.

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