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Am I pregnant? (Desperate)

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itsmemiki | 12:50 Mon 08th Oct 2012 | Family & Relationships
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Am I pregnant? I need answers. :(?
Please don't judge, okay?
well last October 1st, I had sex for the first time. It lasted for less than 5minutes I guess. No more than 10. We were very stupid, yes i admit, to use the method where in we just pull off when he feels like he's about to.... We didn't use a condom, and i'm not on any pills so... :( i'm not sure about the precum, but is it that transparent watery liquid? cause I MIGHT have seen some of that. He pulled out a few seconds before he blew. I'm really concerned because I'm not ready for pregnancy. And I have this iphone app where in i record my menstrual dates and last october 1st i was fertile and my ovulation was to be on the 3rd. On October 7th I had a light brownish discharge that isn't wet, but kind of sticky. And today, cotober 8, I have some again. I'm ashamed to say this but that night I masturbated >_____< so i'm wondering if it's just my "juices" mixed with blood from my past cycle or something entirely different. Also, my period starts on the 20th. :(

During both times of "sex" the whole thing didn't go in. Maybe less than a half, 1/2 or 3/4 only? And Since I was a virgin, no blood came out on the first and second intercourse. So I think my hymen wasn't broken but i'm not sure what it really is.

And about these sticky brown stains, I've tried having these before a few months ago and it isn't anything new but I don't think I've had them for 2months now or something. I'm really concerned.

When can I take a pregnancy test if I had sex on october 1st and 2nd?
How can I determine how many weeks/months pregnant am I from the time I had intercourse?

Please help, I need a straightforward answer. Am I pregnant? Do you think so? honestly?

Oh and to make matters worse for me, I did have sex again on the 2nd, the day after I lost my virginity. It was still unprotected, but then he pulled out nowhere near the time he was going to ***. He just masturbated afterwards and that's how it came out. But i was already fully dressed.



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may I ask how old you are?
-- answer removed --
yes. sorted.
Somehow, what Ive mostly taken in from this post was "I was already fully dressed before he spluffed"

Buy a test 2 for £3.50 in Asda, do one today, if its negative test again in a week. Then while you are at it buy some condoms and only let him splooge whilst you are fully dressed and not in any physicak contact unti he put one of these on.

Oh, and go get yourself checked out for any nasty diseases. Although i believe blue waffle disease is actually just a photoshop, its not worth the risk to get a hoohah thats not pink!
^presumably that's the swear filter on overtime?
Spluffed ?
Spluff? Splooge? Hoohah? I'm certainly learning some new words today. Thanks, Goodsoulette, they're brilliant! Just hope I've got the meaning right before I use them in conversation
o noo, I'd forgotten about blue waffle
How is it possible that we have he same post running twice at the same time ?
http://www.theanswerb.../Question1177350.html &

Kiki, I expect you have got the right definition *cough*****cough*, I was actually trying to be polite about it. And hoohah, I picked up from my 7 year old son on a trip to london zoo whilst describing the lady aardvarks genitals. Hope thats cleared it up :D
isn't blue waffle the stuff that you find in your bellybutton?
Goodsy, there is a South African rugby player called Hougaard, and the commentators always seem to pronounce it hoohah. I do try not to giggle.
Way too much info thanks! Do I hear another twit- ter - roo?
I only watch the rugby when the Irish are playing but that sounds like it's worth a giggle. I'm not Irish, they're just pretty fit. I remember my dad always announcing the commentators were being a bit harsh whenever Stefan Kuntz nabbed the ball for Germany. Im sure they pronounced that deliberately misleadingly.
Another bloody windup.

If you're not already pregnant, you will be soon. . . IF you don't start being more responsible. First, I encourage you to WAIT until it's true love & then ideally on your honeymoon! =) But if you're going to continue having unprotected sex you ARE likely to to get pregnant, possibly a disease or two, and your heart broken. And if you do get yourself pregnant please know that abortion is NOT birth control, it is taking the life of an innocent baby who deserves to live. If you're not ready to be a parent (cause it sounds like you are a kid yourself) then the responsible thing to do is allow the baby to live and place the baby up for adoption. They will cover your medical needs too! Just search in your browser for an adoption agency. Blessings to you & I pray wisdom for you in all your decisions.
I like to think its a 65 year old beardy bloke sat around in a dress imagining he's an 18 year old girl : /

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Am I pregnant? (Desperate)

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