Tooth fairy - urgent help needed!!!!

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sherrardk | 21:21 Sat 16th Apr 2011 | Family & Relationships
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My seven year old son has finally lost the tooth that we really wanted him to lose. It was cracked and chipped in a bath versus tooth incident when he was about two and has looked awful ever since. However, he managed to swallow it as it came out when he was having his lunch. My dilemma is that he desperately thinks the tooth fairy is going to bring him a note (because of the importance of this tooth and the whole 'swallowing it' scenario) but we can't find he printer lead! What can we do instead? Thanks.


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Eh? Do fairies use printers?
Are you sure that he's not really hoping for the type of note that has the Queen's head on it? (What is the going rate for the tooth fairy these days anyway?)

With no printer, you seem to have got two choices:

1. Get to know your neighbours better by asking them if you can use their printer. (You could put the file onto a CD or USB stick, or simply email it to them) ; or

2. Get the felt tips out ;-)


PS: Your question is an example of what I meant when I posted on this thread!
Pen? Paper?
Pen and paper is far more the Tooth Fairy took the time... ;-))
get a female friend of yours to call him, pretending to be the wee peri of good tidings
From friends with children, I believe the "going rate" is £2.
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4candles - kids aren't stupid, he'll recognise our hand writing!

Buenchico - too late to bother the neighbours (v flattered by that, thank you (and I think they are lovely!)).

Maid up - looking that way.

Thanks all.
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Sorry everyone else - missed you all there. It's usually £1 but it was a manky tooth and he did swallow it so the TF might up to to £2. Going to go an find the craft box and do something imaginative and fairy-ish!
Time to get creative!

If the fairies are that 'with it' in your area, why don't you email him or leave a message on the wallpaper so that he sees it as soon as the computer is switched on?

You could always do a hand written note or just bloody tidy up and find the lead Haha :p
Write it with your non writing hand.

It won't look like your writing.

Although it might look like the Tooth Fairy was trolleyed when she wrote the note.
We always left a hand written note from santa for my daughter to get on xmas morning when she was little,she was always delighted,she has kept them all and we still have to write one for her now. she's 21!!
Yikes...what's the world coming to?
An email from the tooth fairy??!
If its the power lead that's missing, most kettle leads also fit printers!

If its the lead that goes from the printer to the computer, sorry but I can't help :(
I still have my daughter's teeth-and her letters to the tooth fairy-oh-and the tooth fairys notes also.........these are all hugely precious to me.
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Problem solved - eons ago my husband bought me one of those teeth keeper things (fairy sitting on a pot thing made from silver). Have found it (in a box in the garage). Going to stick it on to an empty video camera cassette box (to put the coin in). Husband is writing (in fairy writing) a note saying something along the lines of 'this is to keep your next tooth in'. Thanks for your ideas.
I think I've told this tale before but never mind. When my daughter was about 6 or 7 and at infants school she lost a tooth one night. I made a teeny weeny letter from tissue paper and made a small envelope ( fairy size) I wrote a thank you for tooth from the fairy and put it under her pillow with some sparkley dust and a 10p (cheaper in those days) she took the letter to school and all the other kids then expected the same, the other mothers weren't very happy with me as they all had to start making fairy letters.
I have all my daughter's teeth Pasta, I agree they are very precious.
What about writing a note with your "other" hand. That would disguise it a bit.
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V pleased with solution - hope the others don't expect a silver fairy sitting on a pot when they lose a tooth!
I'd be more concerned over what he's gonna say when the tooth appears in the toilet tomorrow.

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Tooth fairy - urgent help needed!!!!

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