Hi Velvetee

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Picky | 22:28 Thu 02nd Jul 2009 | Pregnancy
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Hey Velvetee

Do we have a name yet? How are you feeling? How's the little man getting on?

Hope you're ok



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Hi Vv....wots up? Feeding on demand knocked you out or is it 2hourly feeds 24/7?

Am surprised at how quickly you were discharged from hospital, especially as this is your 1st babe. Hope ur managing ok?
Hi tamb. I had a 25 hour labour with my first and would've been able to leave the same day, but by the time I got out of the labour ward and'd had a bath, i then fell asleep and the paediatrician'd done his rounds, so I had to wait until the next day!
I was in the ward for 10days after my C section. I did need the extra support, tho.
Yes, I forgot that it was a C section. Mine was very straight forward, thankfully. Same with the second - only faster.
The one thing that amazed me was that poor V had to be "prepped" as she put it, for the anaesthetic. Thought all that'd stopped now. Even when I had my major op last year, they'd dished the pre-meds and just gave me a spinal block.

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Hi Velvetee

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