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Velvetee | 23:42 Fri 26th Jun 2009 | Pregnancy
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Hello everyone, Velvetee has asked me to keep you all upto date. She went into labour around 7 thursday evening, was taken in at 11 this morning and has just been given an epidural so the doctors can give her medication to help little one along. Will keep you posted. Regards


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awhh.... send her my best. let's hope it won't take too long :o)
I was just wondering earlier on, if V had popped yet. Thanks for letting us know, very good of you.

PS - If she's trying to choose a name, Cazz is quite nice for a girl.

I think they know that it's a boy mrs C. My vote is for Joe or Alec. :o)
Best wishes to you and v. hope it starts to go faster soon.
Oh I see. Thanks annie. xxx
11am - 1.40.....14hrs labour? Wots going on - poor girl must be suffering?
Not necessarily. I was in labour for 25 hours with my first - and it was a doddle - but the most wearying experience ever!
this is Vv's first - now where is her OH to keep us informed; he has an iphone. Hope he's not zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz off!
LOL - probably. My husband was almost zonked after TEN hours, let alone the rest - and he had no idea how I was feeling!!! seemed to go on forever.
I remember my brother commenting on the birth of his twins. He said they shot out like two bullets. Bet it didn't feel like that for his poor missus.
can't wait any off to bed. Will look in 2moro for some good news. Nite Vv if you're out there - hope all's well x
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Update for you all... Little one born at 12.23am 27/6/09 by Caesarian weighed in at 10.4 lbs. Will keep you updated. Thanks
Wow! What a bundle of joy! Congratulations!
wow talk about having a big bouncing boy lol. congratulations xxxxx
Well done Velvetee. Congratulations to you and your partner and many thanks for the updates. Thats a big baby, especially for a first !!!

Welcome to the world baby V xxxx
Fantastic news!!! Congratulations V, Mr V and Baby V. Well done Velvetee, so pleased for you xxxxxxxxx
Congratulations to you & all the family! x

WOW that is unbelievably big!

Did he have his school blazer on?

ouch, that's a big baby!

congrats to all :o)

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Velvetee update

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