Early period or pregnant?

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Jbird | 18:36 Mon 23rd Jan 2012 | Pregnancy
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I'm driving myself slightly mad with reading items on the web, but none of them are answering my question, so here goes, I hope you can help.
We are actively trying to conceive. Sadly last year I had a miscarriage and for the last 7 months we've had no joy. Sine the MC my periods have been regular at 35 days. This month I came on 10 days early and it only lasted for 2 days. On the 3rd day there was nothing, then on the 4th day very light spotting, but only on wiping.
Should I consider that I have had my period, or should I still be saying my period is due about now (which would've been day 35)? On Saturday night I had about half hour of really feeling sick, that came on very suddenly, and went away as quickly and I can feel very slight tummy pains.
Any advice, thoughts or personal experience would be gratefully received!
Thank you


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Not a personal experience you understand............but i think that you could be pregnant.
GP straight away for referral for scan!

all tummy pains and spotting should be investigated to rule out an ectopic!

and if all goes well, congratulations!
Steady on Cath........ectopic?.....scan.....she is only 4 weeks pregnant if at all......what is the hurry?
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wo there!before seeing docs etc, take a test, you could well be pregnant. If negative leave for a week and test again. If you still havent come on go for blood tests.
as far as I know you still test positive with an eptopic.
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Do we think that I could be preggers then? AND should I still consider my cycle to be the 35 days it was and test if I haven't come on by the end of the week, OR, do we think it could have just been a messed up cycle and early period?
take a test tomorrow, and take a test next week. Either way you will find out. If you think the being sick is because you are pregnant then if is you will get a positive
was it like a period, it could have been implantation bleeding if 10 days before you were due
Don't pin your hopes on it. Every now and then a cycle can be messed up for no reason.

Do what 4get says. Take a test. I would leave it until day 35.
yes and if your periods are 35 and not the normal 28 then they are a bit messed up anyway. Also more people miscarry early on so teasting early isnt always a good idea, so test at 35 days
I hope you get the result you want hun. By the way I dont know if you've found a site called the baby centre while you've been on the web. It's great and is full of women just like you and there's a board for people who are 'actively trying'. Fab for support.
Any news??
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Yup... day 38... negative... thanks for all your support everyone... until next time - I guess it's just 'chin up' x

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Early period or pregnant?

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