Sleeping Pattern - 4 month old

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mats01_99 | 09:25 Thu 02nd Apr 2009 | Parenting
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Hi folks. My 4month old goes to bed at about 8pm and sleeps soundly until I lift her at 11.30 for her bottle. She takes about 6 ozs at this feed. She will then sleep soundly until about 3 and then she wakes about every 30 mins until 6 and will then sleep thro' until her 7.30am bottle.
Now when I say wake up, she cries until we give her the dummy back and then settles easily enough.
The pattern has been the same for about 8 weeks since we dropped the night feed.
I realise that this could be a lot worse but it's becoming slightly annoying!, is there anything we could try to stop this waking? (I think we were spoilt by her elder sister who slept through from about 8 weeks and has been a fabulous sleeper ever since!)


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If redcrx is about she will be able to help you I'm sure! She's good at these things
lol thanks for the confidence in me rinkins :)

well mats, as a mum of 2 i know pretty well how different babies can be. My daughter is now almost 12 and rarely sleeps through and yet my son did from 2 months.

I would suggest that perhaps you try and give her a bottle when she wakes at 3 to see if its hunger, at 4 months old she may well be going through a growth spurt.

She may also be teething, is she showing any other signs? that wakes babies up a lot as the teeth "jump" in the gum causing sudden pain.

As shes sleeping on and off it does suggest that is tired and that its something causing her to wake. Id try the bottle first to rule out hunger.
lol that should read my daughter is almost 12 MONTHS
can you tell shes had me up half the night with chicken pox :)
When you say you lift her at 11.30 for a bottle does this mean that you wake her up at this time? If so why not wait until she wakes up? It does sound as though she is missing the night feed, and as she is waking up why not just feed her then?

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Sleeping Pattern - 4 month old

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