My 8month old son messes with bedtime bottle

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lynseybec | 21:41 Wed 01st Apr 2009 | Parenting
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Please could i ask a little advice of you? i do appreciate the response and answers from this site.
In the past 3 weeks my son has gone right off his bedtime bottle, but wakes a couple of hours later to have it instead! his daytime routine is pretty normal:
up 6.30-7am
7am - breakfast (though hes not been eating as much since getting used to this late bedtime feed)
9am - half hour nap
11.30-12pm - dinner
12 - hour n half nap
2pm - couple ounces milk & snack
3.30-4pm short nap
4.30-5pm - tea
6.30 - 7pm bed
9-10pm bedtime bottle???

any advice would be grately recieved, thanx again for reading


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Every baby is different and there is no right or wrong and he may just be going through a routine change as he growing and changing in every way. The only thing I can do is say what my LO's routine was at that age (if I can remember fully lol)
She would wake about 7-7:30am
7:30-8am - breakfast
10am - morning bottle (about 5-6oz milk) followed by her morning nap (anything from 30 minutes - 2 hours!)
12pm - lunch
2-3pm - afternoon milk (another 5-6oz)
5pm - dinner
7pm - bedtime bottle and sleep

She has never slept through and would typically wake twice a night, around 12-1am and then again around 4am. She would have a small snack either before or after her afternoon milk.

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My 8month old son messes with bedtime bottle

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