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6 week old crying

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jimmysipples | 11:55 Wed 24th Sep 2008 | Parenting
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Hi, we have a 6 week old baby who just wont stop crying. It isn't a cry of pain but more of just moaning but can start to get intense and ear bursting if we dont comfort him, but as soon as we set him down he cries again. Is he spoiled and just after attention? He did initially have stomach problems but since changing 2 weeks ago to the prescription milk he has been grand regarding this. Thing is now he just continues to fight sleep and is exhausted but wont sleep. his typical pattern is that from he wakes at 7am he will cry and moan until maybe lunch time (even if he has been fed in between). Then maybe sleep lunch time to 4pm. Then it all kicks off again until maybe 9pm. The health visitor is convinced he is just a restless baby. My mum is too as she said i was no different. Our other 7 year old was never like this lol. The only upside to it is that he will sleep from 9-10pm until 4am (but surely this is just through exhaustion) then be fed then wake at 7am. I suppose we are greatful that he hasn't day and night mixed up! I just feel so much for my partner who is subjected to it all day when i'm at work as it is exhausting for her. With music and comfort he will settle but as soon as he set down he starts again. We really dont want him to start relyin on comfort all day everyday. Are we doing somethin wrong? have we spoiled him maybe and now we cant settle him? PS. he has plenty of feedin, he aint too warm/cold, wind is up, nappy fine, no rashes, very alert (hyper actually most times). Has anyone else experienced this?


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he has all that. he has everything lol. A playmat doesn't work, I just think he destined to be a wee tinker who wants to be the centre of attention! I see a career in celebrity happenin!!! haha
Maybe he does just want cuddling, I see nothing wrong with that at all, as Tetjam has so rightly said it's impossible to spoil a 6 week old.

Has your wife thought about a baby sling for when she's around the house when he's crying? That way he get's his cuddles and she can still be fairly mobile.
Baby carrier - that's what I was going to say - at least then he might sleep - do you put him ouside for his naps? The fresh air might help him sleep - My kids always slept outside during the day even in winter - just make sure he is well wrapped up and maybe take him for a walk until he settles. The eveing restless period is fairly common and I would again say that getting him in the pram and going for a walk is your best bet. Also stops you throwing him out the window when you get stressed. ;0)
Obviously you cant give him attention, like cuddling, the whole time. As you say, he's fine til you put him down. Have you tried swaddling? A firm wrap in a blanket. It comforts them and he may settle better.

I don't see a dummy mentioned. Some babies are also very calmed if they are sucking. Don't know about the current thinking. Most people abhor the suggestion but believe me they can be VERY helpful.....
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Pram used to work butnow he just looks around him an wont go down to sleep, the sling did the trick too, but the wee lad honestly wont settle unless either he listenin to music on my mobile lyin beside him or if we actually cradle him against our chest or on our shoulder. i guess just have to sweat it out and pamper him a bit more. i do tend to give in and lift him but with people keep tellin you not to as he get used to it we dont wanna be givin him the idea that he will get it everytime to settle. i dunno lol
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sorry, i should of mentioned the dummy. yeah it stops him for all of ten seconds. lol. he sleeps at night and refuses the dummy but durin day will have a go at it but spits out after ten seconds or so. this led us to think he lookin more feedin but he refuses that too. i dont think it lack of feeding as he now onto 6oz a feed. he had been on 5oz but we started 6 on monday. he would for the most take 4 or 5 of it but there is a couple feeds a day where he will gulp down the 6
To be honest, i'd tell those who tell you you're spoiling him to get stuffed!

He's your baby, and if you enjoy cuddling him then go fill your boots.

At the risk of soundind sappy, they grow up all too quickly and before you know it he'll be telling you to "gerroff me". Enjoy it whilst you can!
What about a rocking cradle or one of those bouncy chairs?
Our son was the same with dummies - just spat them out once he realised they were 'empty'.

How about sitting him in a bouncy chair in front of the teletubbies? It worked for my son, and he has developed into an all round brilliant lad. Don't believe this rubbish about TV spoling them.
Mines 12 months old and still a pain in the ar$e!! But I love him.
You definitely CANNOT SPOIL a 6 week old baby! In fact if you leave young babies to cry without attending to their needs it actually makes them cry more. I can understand you being worried that you'll never be able to him down etc but babies who get reassurance and attention whenever they need it are far more likely to be more calmer and reassured. A baby sling is a good idea.
So go on go give the little sweetie a big cuddle!
i agree with others, you definitely cannot spoil a 6 week old by cuddling too much. that is what they need. some babies who take their feed really quick actually need to be cuddled for much longer than the feed, so cuddle and hold as much as you and baby wants. you could try one of those hammock style slings where they baby lies across your body and also swaddling and holding might help. do you have him in your bed with you, this can be done safely and will probably help.
I agree with the other posts - you can't spoil him and should give him as many cuddles as you / he wants! If he can feel your heartbeat and your warmth that will comfort him and settle him. When my youngest was upset being put down she settled beautifully in a sling (there's loads of fab ones about now close baby carrier is my fave!). When she got to about 3 months and started to grab stuff she loved lying under her baby gym and being in her chairs
Mine was like that till 12 weeks. I pretty much carried the little git around for 12 weeks, including holding him while he slept. At twelve weeks he became interested in other things and then became a bit calmer and more manageable.

Just enjoy the cuddles.

Are you winding him properly after feeds?
Lots of babies suffer from trapped wind and collic.

We had this with our baby and had to use colief in the formula milk, it is expensive but does the trick.

Check the amount of milk you are supposd to be feeding too as I think 5-oz in one go maybe a bit too much, my baby drinks 5-6oz in one go but she's 7 months old.
Cuddling your baby is a lovely thing and indulged in when ever possible but that can't be 24/7. It's just not possible.
I found that so long as the baby is changed and fed and winded and not sick then there is nothing wrong with putting them down and leaving the room until the baby stops. I did it myself and they go to sleep and eventually learn that mummy can't cuddle all the time and when the cuddles come they are so much more worth while.
I can't give you any more than that. Babies don't come with instruction books and you will learn how to deal with everything that comes. Just trust your own instincts. Unfortunatly thats all you've got.
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Thanks for all the posts. I think putting a post on here has enabled the wee lad to make a liar outta of us! but we're not complaning haha. Since i posted he has seemed to come outta of this lil stage and everyday and night since has been great. We really hoped he would take to the routine we we were tryin him on and so far so good. We feed him at about 6.30/7pm in the hope after a wee snooze he wakes about 10.30/11pm for a feed. this has been the case and after that feed he has went straight down and slept until 7am on the dot each mornin. as for the continuous cryin, well he is like a new child and has just began to lie on his mat or chair and take in everything and has began to much happier and smilin and acceptin that yes he'll be cuddled but no, not all the time. he is still restless but not in a bad way. i'm just lovin this time watchin him develop and grow up in such a short space of time and cryin or not i wouldn't have him any other way. Here's hopin his new behaviour continues, although we'd be foolish to think it will! lol

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6 week old crying

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