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tgm1974 | 15:09 Thu 22nd May 2008 | Parenting
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I think my 7 month old son is about to get his top front teeth shortly ... he has had his bottom two since he was 5 months with no problems coming through.

He seems to be going to be as normal at 7.30pm then waking screaming at 9.30pm ... its then hard to settle him for no more than 20 mins unless he really tires himself out. I would not normally mind this but Ive gone back to work this week and as you can imagine I feel like death warmed up!

Any REMEDY advice before I raid BOOTS the Chemist!

I hope its his teeth --- he is not scrunching up in a ball as if it was wind ... it more like his is wanting to do the "crab"!!



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have you got anything he can chew on? frozen banana was recommended to me but ive not tried it.

when you go to boots, there are teething powders (ashton and parsons or something|) that are great as well as bongela. There are also things like toothbrushes but with rubber ends that are also good to use if you darent put your fingers in his mouth.

I hope the tooth pops soon, its awful when they are in pain and you cant help.
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Its only of a night that Im worried about ... the day time he seems to be fine! Thats why Im unsure if it really is his teeth!!

my son always suffered with teeth more at night, possibly because he wasnt distracted or because he was tired.

Have you tried a bit of calpol before bed? The longer it goes on it could turn into a habit for him.

You say youve gone back to work this week, is that when it started? could it be the hes having to adjust to a different routine?
you can buy the teething ring that you put in the freezer for him to bite on they worked with mine.
anbesol, calgel/bonjela are all quite good
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He has always had a routine to follow so he is not really out of sorts with bottles or food .. the only new thing for him is being with the childminder and the kids but he is used to people around him - very socialable little chap!

It started before I went back to work as I remember saying to myself that I hoped he calmed down as I didnt think I could cope with all his waking and getting up for work.

Have bought some Medised last week and may be doing the trick ... forgot to give him it last night but he stayed in his own bed til 6am with the odd "having to put his dummy back in" ..... just not sure if its good to give them medicine every night if nothing is up!!

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