babies at university

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myselfness | 18:36 Fri 23rd May 2008 | Parenting
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hi, im pregnant atm but when i told my dad his initial reaction was to tell me i couldnt go to university and be a mam.
im technically classed as a single parent but am in a stable relationship with my partner, we just cant afford to get a place together (im still living with my parents)
im taking a gap year so itll be 10 months by the time i start and hopefully in a routine and im being told i get help off the government for child care on top of my other benefits,
but im wondering if anyone else has tackled university while being a mam. my main concern is enough time to do all the things i need to, and enough money to pay for everything i need to...


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hey myselfness,

technically this is not an answer to your question :)

I would suggest contacting your university especially the student support office for help and guidance.

Bb xx
A friend of mine coped well with this situation, she didn't even have family to help out. She used her student loan for childcare and rent and had a flexablility with Uni work!

It's very possible to do both, and don't forget, going to uni and getting good qualifications for the future of your family is also being a mam!

Good luck chick x x x
Hi, myselfness
Good luck with the baby - just watch things change when he/she's born, and your dad can't get enough of being a grandfather!
In the meantime, as banjobabe says, contact the Student Support Office and the Student Union and also find out about creche facilities.You will need to apply early for these, as some places have a waiting list.
We have students here at my Uni with young babies, many of them single parents, and they do a brilliant job.
I have just finished year 2 of my degree and I am a single parent and its not that hard

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babies at university

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