Teething time!

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Psychick | 16:50 Tue 20th May 2008 | Parenting
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My 3 month old is starting to show all the classic signs of teething. The bubbles, dribbling, spotty face and constantly chomping on her fists.

I was just wondering, from the experiences of your own children, how long it was from the first signs of teething to the first tooth coming through.

With my first daughter, she never used to show any signs, normally I would know she had a new tooth after it had cut through as it made her grumpy for a couple of days. Im in for it this time arent I? lol


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I think it took my daughter around 4-5 weeks. She was 5 months and the 2 bottom teeth came through together. I used calgel or bonjela and also anbesol and if she was really grumpy calpol.
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Hi tiwig,

She started get them quite early then? I know most are about 6-7months old. My daughter had her first tooth at 8 months but once they started coming, they came through quickly.
Psy, I'm glad you posted this - Emilia is only 5weeks and my mum reckons she is teething already. Apparently mine came through earlywhen I was a baby. I have our six week check this week so am going to mention it to my GP then but she is showing all the same symptoms as your little one, I was putting it down to wind or tiredness though.
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Hi natalie, Holly was going through a really grumpy stage a week or two ago and when I spoke to the health visitor about it a week ago, she said that, although they may not get teeth til 6 months, the teeth are already moving aroung in their gums and that can cause some pain.

Wouldnt it be good for the to come through and get that part over and done with lol
Hi Psychick- my little one suffered terribly with his teeth and he still doesnt have them all- so more to come for me lol! He started teething at around 3 months and didnt get his first tooth untill he was just over 6 months old.

Hope you dont get too many sleepless nights lol!! x
Hi Psy,

Poor little thing, wish we could go through it for them!

With my little boy we bought all the cooling teethers, but they didn't help much! But the only thing that really took effect was Anbersol Liquid. It acts just like bongela, but it is liquid and absorbs straight onto the gum. I noticed the relief on my boys face immediatly!

I've got some in ready for this little Madame and am NOT looking forward!

Big (((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))
Hey hun, my little one was about 6 months when his first came through but he had been teething for weeks before then. He's never been bothered about teething rings, instead preferring to chew my finger or a clean damp face cloth. Good old Calpol works wonders, I always found the gels too much of a faff as he'd just suck the stuff off before it had chance to work. I also use Nelson's Teething granules which are homeopathic.
It's not nice, my son is now 14 months and he's getting them two at a time now :(
it took little CRX a few weeks each time, we were lucky though that he didnt suffer too badly with most of them. The red cheeks, dribble, spotty chin etc were usually only sign we had.

When he was in pain we used the teething granules which were good and bongela, i think we used calpol on a couple of occasions.

Im hoping Amelia is as good with hers, no signs yet.
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Hi ladies and thanks for you responses.

I have the calpol and the bonjela ready but still not certain as to whether its the start of teething or not yet but she has started dribbling more today. I cleaned my finger and rubbed it on her gum just to see if I can feel anything yet. She found that quite amusing so her gums cant be sore yet.

beck I get sleepless nights anyway but at least with teething I would know why we was getting the sleepless nights lol

andera Ive used anbesol myself when I had toothache and it does immediately numb the area you aplpy it to. Funnily enough, I had it in ready for when my eldest started teething but never really need it and she was one of the lucky few who didnt seem to suffer during teething.

hellie Ive got images of your little boy sat there chomping on your finger while you sat typing that now lol My friend from when I was little teethed on the wooden frame of her parents 3 piece suite!

Sounds like you was lucky first time round too red, what are we in for? lol

Well, I guess its a case of wait and see now. And we thought the waiting game was over when they arrived! lol

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Teething time!

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