School Tomorrow (Well Today Now I Suppose)

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bednobs | 00:05 Mon 05th Sep 2016 | Parenting
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A difficult day for you but, how proud you will be when you wave her off to school..
I can remember you announcing her birth. I was so happy for you - and I don't even know you. But it seems like last year, time passes far too quickly.

I am sure you will have a sad/happy day tomorrow. The start of a new adventure.

Big day for you xx tomorrow would also be the day teen smow started his A Levels but he never came home did he.......
Time flies doesn't it? Another milestone along the way, all will be well.
she'll be doing differential calculus and the past anterior of Ukrainian verbs before you know it...
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we have all survived (so far)
It was all ok on first and second day
third day, a few tears as i took her to breakfast club, so it was new people to meet again
fourth day, all ok
today is an entire school day, so we'll see at five past three!
Every day she has come home with a ravenous appetite and bags of extra energy!
So glad all is going well, yes they do come home hungry don't they - well done you for surviving too.x
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i had a week of holiday, but i have realised i quite like being swanning around mum! I want to give up work now :)

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School Tomorrow (Well Today Now I Suppose)

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