How Did You Parents Get Your Child To Sleep?

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Dreamsandlove | 03:09 Mon 08th Aug 2016 | Parenting
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A - put it down crying


B - hold in arms to cry?

I've posted a similar type of question. Well aware. Just want to know what's the most popular way that worked for others.


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Small baby, bathed, fed, changed, settled - into cot and kissed.

Older child if resisting after a bath,story and settle down - left to settle themselves.
I had to hold my child as a baby to get him to sleep. I don't recommend it though. It's best to get them to settle on their own, maybe just sit nearby if they're crying.
Try not to use a dummy. When it falls out in the night you have to get up and put it back in countless times.
There are many ways to entice children to sleep.
Depends on age, temperament, level of tiredness and many environmental factors come into it too.
We never found one sure way whilst raising 4 children.
There are too many variables.
Different approaches are required depending on the circumstances.
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Child is 4 months. Rocked to sleep in arms. Sometimes this process needs you to hold her for 2 hours. Child wakes up like every 40 minutes. Finding this process is rather time consuming and takes up a large portion of time. Advised putting to sleep and leaving child to self soothe. Mum advised no sleep advocate would advise to leave child to cry to sleep?

Just seems more reasonable as the rest of the house/tasks are suffering dramatically whilst rocking child in arms.
There are many conflicting opinions on this subject.

Google "sleep pattern 4 month old" take your choice.

I believe there is no correct answer.
C. Pram, settee, playpen, floor, cot & near me till I went to bed. The cot was beside my bed.
Each child is different. There is no 'standard' answer to this question.
At 4 months they'd be with me until I went to bed.
Then you put them out with the cat ?
My mother used to say "Go to sleep, or a ghost will come."
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I have no clue what you are on about.
It looks to me like OG made a light-hearted response to ummmm's post at 08:44 and Dreamsandlove has misunderstood.
Question Author
You put up a Wikipedia link on this about the anaesthetic and anesthetic?
I think so bhg.
Dreams - you didn't mention anaesthetic so he wasn't have a pop at you. I think that was his suggestion to get a child to sleep.
Acquiring a new baby is the only thing that comes without a set of instructions.
Not so sure about that, Ron, they tend to have two sets of grand parents!
definitely bhg
So using a dummy is a shock horror I suppose? It was a life saver for me and at 6 months she didn't want it anymore and fell asleep like a log but I was lucky.

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How Did You Parents Get Your Child To Sleep?

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