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Peppermint | 22:50 Wed 23rd Mar 2005 | Parenting
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Hello there,

Does anybody know if there are any printable/downloadable Key Stage 1 SATS Test practise papers available online, or alternatively any websites that have interactive tests online for children to use? I can only find references to the practise papers that they sell in the bookshops - which are quite expensive.

Any help would be most appreciated.


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Have you tried bbc online,they do ks2 revision and tests but I'm not sure about ks1
KS 1 children do not have to do SATs so don't worry about it. Some schools do them but there isn't any need as the results are not published. Try not to worry about what level your child is at this age. If you do homework with your child and read with your child every night then there isn't going to be a problem. You want your child to enjoy school at this age not to get stressed out with tests - there will be plenty of tests in the future. if you really want to see test papers ask the class teacher - i'm sure they will get some for you.
In our local school the children do not even know they are doing their SATS.  I have chosen not to tell my daughter (who will be doing them next month) all she knows is that she does "special work" (of which they have been doing for months anyway) in a book for the head teacher.  She is too young to be worried about tests at this young age. We find out their personal results in their school report.  Remember it is just to find out how your child is doing in relation to others of the same age. I have not done any extra work - the homework they receive is more than enough.  If you are really concerned speak to your childs teacher and they should be able to advise you/show you what is expected.  Good luck!
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Many thanks to you both for your answers,

However I feel you both have an impression of me as a "pushy mother" in wanting these test papers. My twin sons are just 7 and will be taking SATS tests this May over a period of two weeks. I completely disagree with these tests but unfortunately they are going to happen. One of my twins is completely in love with learning and relishes any test, game or book that comes his way. However, his brother is dyslexic and that is the reason why I would like him to see the papers at home and become familiar with them - not to "pass" but so that he can feel comftable with them. I also have another son aged 9 who is dyslexic and during his SATS he wet the bed during the whole period without me mentioning a thing about the tests, so  I am, as you would expect quite anxious about the whole process. Teachers may reassure parents that SATS can be given to children covertly under the banner of "special work" but when you have two highly intelligent dyslexic boys who view the whole idea of SATS papers as the Spanish Inquisition then surely it is not unreasonable for me to prepare them at home by familiarising them with the look and the layout of these papers - I am by no means a "Hot-houser". When this is all over - I then have the KS2 SATS to look forward to when my eldest son is eleven - these results may count towards his secondary school class streaming. So I think it is important for me to be prepared now and then. Thankfully most children are unfazed by SATS but for dyslexic children it is not a walk in the park that can be taken easily nor is it something that can be completely ignored. I appreciate the time taken by you to offer your comments nontheless.


Peppermint - now I have the whole picture I can fully understand your need to be prepared for the tests etc, I wish you and your lovely boys all the best for the tests and the future, you must be really proud of all three of them (I have three very different children, 2 of whom love to learn and 1 "daydreamer" - a bit like me!). Take care and maybe you can let us know how they get on in the future.
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Thankyou for your kind words and understanding - you sound like a fantastic mum - what would the world be without the beauty of day-dreamers! Good luck to your little one with the SATS too.

best wishes, Peppermint

I totally agree that children get enough homework to cope with let alone having to sats.I have just been to see my daughters teacher at a parents evening and i was quite upset to be told that my daughter is very below average and she would benefit from myself buying her some key stage 1 books and go through these with her.Its not the fact that they say that my daughter is below average that upsets me the most, but the fact that i had to wait until now to be told in a routine parents meet that my daughter is not as academic as she should be,also that will she will struggle with her sats,why wasnt i told before? At 7 yrs old i dont want my daughter to have to worry about my being below average,but for to enjoy her school years and build some confidence so she can succeed in learning more.I dont know if anyone else feels the same but i think some teachers make parents feel that they are not doing enough to help their children.

Im in the same boat has u. A worried mum. There is a disk that you can buy in game shop called learning ladder, for maths,english. These include reading, writing, numbers,sums,shapes,letter,spelling,sentences etc.You can also go into an look up educational games that might help. Also have learning facilities. Hope everything works out well!

peace man...

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