Problem Sister Part 1

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dmh9282 | 11:38 Sat 25th Nov 2006 | Family Life
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Where do I start,

My sister has always had a problem with all of us, myself and my parents. She was very rebellious in her teens years. She got married last year and has a 6 year old boy to a previous relationship. Her husband now, although I'm not too fond of him (I'll explain further down) has taken her son on as his own which is great for him.

My parents, like I'm sure many parents are when their children are grown up and making a life for their own (I'm 24 and my Sister is 27), like to enjoy themselves. Have a drink, meals, holidays etc etc.

My sister makes out to her husband and friends that my parents are Alcoholics. Alcoholics that have 2 houses, 2 cars, are able to buy myself and my sister a cot and a pram each for our babies that are due in the next couple of months.

She said to me last week that the reason we didn't go on holiday when we were younger was because they were always in the pub. I told her that was a load of crap. And explained to her that the reason we didn't go on holiday was because my parents paid for us to go on school trips to London, Paris, Manchester. To make sure that we got what we wanted for Xmas and birthdays. In many ways we were both spoilt.

My nephew is mad keen on Pirates of the Carribbean movies, the new one out on DVD this week. My Parents bought it like they do whenever a DVD comes out that they want to see. My nephew was down at the house with my sister and saw the DVD, and of course he wanted to see it. My sister exploded saying that she had got him it for Xmas and they had no right buying it. As it would spoil her son's Xmas, this coming from a girl who when younger, was trusted not to open presents that were left for her under the tree but she did anyway and spoilt Xmas for herself. Now personally, getting a DVD that you've already seen would not spoil Xmas, although thats just my opinion.


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It sounds like your sister just speaks without thinking about anybody else or their feelings. Some people just can't help it, but seriously, its just a DVD, was that going to be his main present? And even if it was- never mind! Tell her she should just get a different DVD. She sounds like she's a drama queen wanting some attention and blowing things completely out of proportion.

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Problem Sister Part 1

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