Problem Sister Part 3

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dmh9282 | 11:40 Sat 25th Nov 2006 | Family Life
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My Parents try to advise my sis whenever my nephew is sick, which my sister hates. I can understand her frustrations about this but I don't think the is any need to fly off the handle as she does. All she has to do is nod her head and say OK Thanks.

Her husband, how can I put this. Whenever my sister is on the phone to me giving off about my parents I can her him in the background saying that they should mind their own business, not to buy him things. But to my Parents he says that there is no talking to my sister, she doesn't listen. Completely contradicting himself. He has no backbone and cannot take a stand. If he is unhappy with my Parents he should let them know. It's not like he going to make the relationship between my sister and parents worse, as there is barely a relationship there.

On a, hopefully, more positive note. When her baby arrives in February, all being well. She'll need and appreciate my parents more. Her husband is a Professional Sports Person. And is away most weekends. I keep telling my Mum that she'll know all about it when she's in the house at the weekend by herself with 2 children. There is a small chance that my Mum might have to go in with her when she goes into Labour, as her husband might be away.

Have any of been ungreatful of you parents or experiencing something silimar. I'd appreciate any advice whatsoever. As it's hard watching my family go through this. I'm trying to be the voice of reason on both sides but they don't seem to listen.


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Sorry, I can't answer your question. It was too long and I lost patience trying to find out what you were trying to ask. And I suspect that everybody else has felt similarly overwhelmed. Could you precis it down to two or three sentences; then we might begin to discover what you're asking.
i have to agree with wendy im afraid, it was too intense, and far too long, i had to read it in stages and then keep popping back to parts 1 and 2?? it definately ned to be condensed, then you may get more replys, sorry to hear about your troubles though, hope you get the help you need x
It's amazing how two children can have such different accounts, experiences and feelings of their childhood; yet it so often happens.
Your sister seems to have a persecution complex of some kind and before you can attempt to do anything, she needs to tell her parents what she is not getting (or got in the past) from them. If your sister does not acknowledge that there is s problem - them the is absolutley nothing you can do! So often people would rather be" right "than happy and if your sister is a "right fighter" then you have no chance. You cannot change what you don't acknowledge. So maybe it's time to talk.
As for her husband - he is lilly livered yes, but he is caught in the middle and probably feels that he'd rather try to keep the peace (even if it mean being so two faced). He has no doubt had enough of the whole thing.
Solution - Your parents and sister need to spend time talking and finding out what they are not getting from each other that they obviously so badly need. You cannot conduct from the middle im afraid.
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Thanks to you all who have made an attempt to read this monstrosity. Sorry for making it so long. I didn't realise that it was as bad until I'd finished.

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Problem Sister Part 3

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