Issit a man thing?

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B00 | 09:16 Mon 12th Sep 2011 | Family Life
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On Thursday evening, Mr Boo was nipping to our local Tesco and asked if I wanted anything.

"yes" I say "I haven't got round to picking up some school winter trousers for Mini Boo, so grab a pair"

He comes home with a black pair, her uniform's grey.

When I pointed this out, he said "well you didn't tell me what colour to get!"

I replied "she's been there two years, I would have thought you'd have noticed the colour of her uniform by now!!"

I mean seriously, is it a man thing?

(Just come back from exchanging 'em)


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There are no such colours as black and white,only light and dark shades of grey!
Its a man thing, a few years back I realised when I got to the checkout, that i had forgotten the onions. No Problem said OH , I'll go and get them. Of he went , 15minutes later he returned, after the shopping had gone through and paid for. With no onions. He had been looking in the wrong section! Couldn't find any in tinned onions. No hope. You can tell he doesn't cook , my cooking must be apalling if he thinks it all comes out of tins :o)

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Issit a man thing?

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