Issit a man thing?

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B00 | 09:16 Mon 12th Sep 2011 | Family Life
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On Thursday evening, Mr Boo was nipping to our local Tesco and asked if I wanted anything.

"yes" I say "I haven't got round to picking up some school winter trousers for Mini Boo, so grab a pair"

He comes home with a black pair, her uniform's grey.

When I pointed this out, he said "well you didn't tell me what colour to get!"

I replied "she's been there two years, I would have thought you'd have noticed the colour of her uniform by now!!"

I mean seriously, is it a man thing?

(Just come back from exchanging 'em)


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Your OH goes to Tescos???
Count yourself lucky he's realised you have a daughter.
I think you're being fussy. He came back with trousers didn't he...
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Yeah Ummm, don't get me wrong, he was going for man things, ya know, looking at pc games etc. God forbid he was going to do the weekly shop or anything!

Lol, yes, good point Chuck!
Yes they do that, it's like making a horrid cup of tea, so they won't get asked again...
Yes, BOO, it is... my SIL is forever getting into bother about this kinda thing..
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Show off Triggs!!

True Snaggles, count my blessings eh?

But in all seriousness, she's now in her 2nd year at school, how can you not possibly clock what colour her uniform is? I was gobsmacked!
Too much stereotyping going on here, IMO!
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too right Ginge, im cold, windswept and wet through from coming back from Tesco taking said trousers back, think i'm entitled to be!

So there ;-)
did he also ask what size she needed? Mine would have.
Question Author
well in his defense Red (though im still grumbling about it to him) He did pick up the right size, so that's something....right?
I would have bought her a skirt!! well its a girl!! all girls wear skirts!!!
Maybees he's colourblind, no?
When my daughter was 3 I'd been unusually delayed home one evening about an hour after her bedtime. When I asked my husband why he hadn't put her to bed he said he didn't know where her pyjamas were kept! I ask you, yes I think it's a well planned excuse to get out of that kind of thing.
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She has skirts Ratter, tartan ones that have to be got from the authorised shop, but during winter and colder weather they're allowed to wear trousers, so I wanted to get a pair before the weather turns for good and Tesco stops doing them.

Nar, he aint MissN.
Asked Mr LL to get two things from Morrisons (on his way back from getting petrol) - flour and butter so I could make the apple crumble that he wanted.
He came back with flour but no butter because "I didn't know what sort of butter you wanted" No apple crumble!
if he knew what size then perhaps you are being unduly harsh :)

Prudie, mr CRX is the same, he still asks where clothes are kept lol
Question Author
Mine does that too Prudie.

I work all day on Sundays ,and 9 times out of 10 if i haven't already got her clothes arranged the night before she's still in her PJ's when I get home at tea time. The escuse? "well nowt was out, didn't know what to put on her, so didn't bother"

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