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Tipping Point!!!

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piggynose | 20:42 Tue 13th Feb 2024 | Offers & Competitions
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Is this man illiterate? Or mutton?

steady piggy the usual suspects will be along in a minute and pretend to be thick.

Seems like a simple case of not having heard/processed the question 

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Does the Tipping Point show let people like him onto this show to make many viewers feel intelligent? Or they just want to see this thicko humiliate himself?

He was half right .


Question Author

Why doesn't the presenter on this show do the same as bradley Walsh and pmsl or lol?

Question Author

To offer a kind word! He possibly didn't hear that the 1st letter must begin with A! 

Bradley Walsh tends to laugh at the questions or the options and not at the contestants themselves.

It's likely he either misheard or thought aboutit so long he forgot about it starting with an, "A",

It's a different kind of pressure when you put yourself on the spot than if sat answering questions at home. 

I remember at work on a training day we were practicing interviewing/completing dementia assessments on each other. I was asked who the president of America was and in that moment I couldn't remember or answer the question. Only as I was walking out of the room it came to me. 

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Tipping Point!!!

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