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The Answers Are All Crime Novels 10.12.2023

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seaside29 | 17:51 Thu 23rd Nov 2023 | Offers & Competitions
17 Answers

1. Ape, artful with age produces WW2 crime (6,6)

2.  The temper of Io and Europa (3,9)

3.  Rocket's area of expertise (3,7,5)

4.  It could be Anglea Rippon (3,4,2,3,4)

5.  Article on no German sewers?  (3,4,7)

6.  The c bath bullet?  (3,8,8)

7.  Settlement postponed (7,8)



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5 the nine tailors

5.  The Nine Tailors

2) The Moonstone (Moons tone) ?

Reminder of the site guidelines to post the name of the quiz and the clsoing date when posting quiz questions.

4.  The Lady in the?   Lake?

 1 Prague Fatale ? - anag. of ape +artful + age

4 There's a really old thriller 'The Girl In The News' (but it's a bit of a stretch for Angela Rippon to be the 'girl'!)

4) The Lady with the Legs ??

apol for Q4 - wring letter count.

I'm sure you'll post the name of the quiz and clsoing date shortly :-)

Good luck with the quiz.

^ wrong^

7 payment Deferred by C S Forester

3 the something field 

can you rewrite 6 please x

6 don't know if this will help ,Jason Gardener olympian was known as the Bath bullet

Can't parse, but following on mallyh's suggestion ...

The Potter's Field by Ellis Peters ?

^^^ Ronnie (The Rocket) O'Sullivan pots snooker balls for a living. :))

Thanks Captain

6 the constant gardener by John le Carre

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The Answers Are All Crime Novels 10.12.2023

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