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Please help me with this

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jelly11b | 15:25 Tue 08th Dec 2009 | Business & Finance
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Why does customer satisfaction depend on customer expectations and service delivery?


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What's this, homework?

Let's start of with you tell us what you think and we will add to it......
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Customer service satisfaction depends entirely on their expectations being met 100% by their experience. The customer may phone to make a referral or changes to an existing one and it depends 100% on how that is handled as to whether they return to the company.
Customers can be very demanding and sometimes their expectations go beyond what is possible, however, with the right approach from the staff showing a determination to make the customer feel satisfied with the outcome, the customers expectations will have been met and both sides in the call will feel they have achieved their aim.
OK, but what generates high customer expectations in the first place? Perceptions of the business are important and these can be generated in many ways. Reputation, word of mouth, knowledge of satsifactory delivery, even good advertising and publicity management.

You hint at this in your response, but flexibility and willingness to compromise are also important.

Managing the communication is also important, listening to what the customer is saying and trying to answer that, not reading from a pre-determined script, being customer focussed in the interaction, make them feel they have a champion in the organisation, without giving away the store.....

Do those help?
Question Author
Yes it does thank you very much.... I just find it difficult to put in words as I work in an environment where we are not customer facing it’s over the phone.
If customer expectation was low, then customers would be more easily satisfied.

If customer expectations are high, then it would follow that customer satisfaction would be more difficult to achieve.

If a customer buys a service or good, then they should rightfully expect the good or service to be delivered in the expected amount of time advertised. Customers may not be satisfied if the terms of the delivery of the good/service are breached. However, this depends entirely on the subjectivity of the customer and whether they rate good service delivery high on thier priority list.

Service/good delivery (as advertised) is just one of the many things that the customer has a right to expect. Customer expectaions may also include that the good/service be delivered in a working fashion, i.e. not damaged.

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